Letters to the Editor – October 9

I’m back!
Thanks to all the hospital staff (too numerous to name) for being so kind to me and showing me to the next testing room last week when I was in pain.
Hospitals are not my favorite destination and doctors are not my favorite people. There are few doctors who will take care of one problem without actually creating another one for the sake of pills. OK, I am afraid of doctors for many reasons, but the main reason is the lack of help for the cost we endure.
Last week, when I thought I was dying, I went to the only doctor I trust, Dr. Sayer. I know he isn’t a practitioner, he’s a surgeon, but when push comes to shove, I want the truth and I know Dr. Sayer will give it to me straight.
Dr. Sayer and I opened the old hospital operating room together when it was new. I was the first surgery in that new hospital operating room, and Dr. Sayer was called in from Anchorage to do the job. He did not live in Homer at that time, he was Alaska’s General Surgeon. His job was to fly to different Alaska villages to handle difficult surgeries like mine.
On May 27, 1977, I was very fortunate to have his healing hands on me, in Homer, to help me get through my trying time. I am here today to tell my story because of Dr. Sayer.
Thank you Dr. Sayer, from the bottom of my heart (which is much better now) to the top of my head (the headaches have subsided also) for talking common sense to me, and taking me through the steps to find the healing pathway back to health. You were my hero then and you are my hero today. You understand my language, even if others can’t seem to find the frequency.
After 40 years of being in Alaska, I find it difficult to deal with the Lower 48 mentality, and I can see clearly how money has affected the medical profession right here in Homer. So sad to watch. Thank God you are still alive Sir, and because you are, so am I.
Maka Fairman

Close — but not quite right
Our library is booming: about 10,000 checkouts most months, and like McDonalds, thousands served every year. Our library is excellent in most ways.
We do need more current books, An educated citizenry is essential for a working democracy, and as I understand it, Homer is the “City that Works.” We would work better if we could read up-to-date books, however.
With Pebble Mine a major local controversy, we would assume there would be a few good modern books on hard rock mining in Homer’s library. Nope.
With all the drilling going on around us, we would do well to read some of the current books on natural gas fracking and other costs of natural gas production. Not from our library, however. Not much here on the topic.
How about the conflicts over giving oil giants billions in tax relief? No doubt there are lots of good, unbiased references in Homer’s library about petroleum production and taxation. Well, some doubt. OK, not much new here.
We underspent on library books for decades and our city council and Mayor Beth Wythe need to recognize the problems inherent in failing to maintain our library materials collection. They need to find the money to pay for the new materials we need to make the important decisions our democracy demands.
This will be an interesting challenge.
Phil Gordon

Remove the fascists
Rabid Ron Reagan said “Government is the problem, not the solution.” He and his Bush-Reagan, hardcore fascist, criminal vermin, allies have been self-fulfilling his prophecy since 1981. Together with the five-fascist-prostitute-Justice-majority U.S. Supreme Court and numerous hardcore fascist vermin propagandists, they have succeeded in turning the U.S. into a Bush-Reagan fascist, secret police state plutocracy for more than 30 years.
Now that the U.S. may be returning to legitimate democracy, the old-guard, hardcore fascists, like Don Young, have joined with their lunatic fringe, fascist Tea Party allies to shut down the government. The way to save the U.S. is to remove the residual hard-core fascists from the U.S. House and eventually from the U.S. Supreme Court.
With luck, the current shutdown may be the catalyst and wake-up call needed to remove Young and enough other fascists from Congress to return the U.S. to a legitimate democracy from the current fascist plutocracy put in place by the Bush’s, Reagan and “Citizens United.”
Frank Vondersaar
Halloween safety on Mountainview  
Oct. 9 is National Walk to School day. But how many kids in Homer will walk or bike to school this week?
Many of Homer’s roads are dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists ‚ especially youth. There are some great trails in town, but they are not an integrated system. It is encouraging that the city, borough and state have plans for some high-traffic spots that consider pedestrian and cyclist needs.
But even Homer’s low-use residential streets can be problematic.  We live on Bayview Avenue and cars regularly speed so that we hesitate to let our young children walk to their friends’ houses three doors down.
So how do we fix the problem? One way is to spend a lot of money buying up easements, building sidewalks and bike lanes. Another is to change the way we share the road.
In our neighborhood, more than 500 kids and 200 adults walk the Bayview-Mountainview loop to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween. There is also an incredible amount of traffic, making an unsafe and stressful combination. Neighborhood residents are canvassing the neighborhood and proposing to make Bayview and Mountainview Avenues “Halloween OneWays” from 5-8 pm on Oct. 31.
With approval from the city and police department, volunteers would close one lane to streamline traffic and give trick-or-treating kids and parents a lane of the road to walk safely. Neighbors contacted so far are enthusiastic and willing to volunteer for the proposed event.
Email HalloweenOneWay@gmail.com with questions or to help. Look for neighborhood signs as the project develops. Let’s try something new to make the evening safer and more fun for everyone!
Adele Person Groning

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  1. Glad he is back says:

    I have missed Mr. Vondersaar’s letters! I am happy to see the drinking game “have a shot for every time he uses the word ‘fascism'” can be played again. Welcome back!

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