Letters to the Editor – October 30

Praising pilots, loathing lawsuits
I drove by the airport on Kachemak Drive last Wednesday and saw a peculiar sight. A couple of Homer Police cars, an airport fire truck and a couple of airport manager’s vehicles were out on the runway.
It was an odd sight in and of itself, but even stranger when you see the ERA Alaska aircraft sitting on the runway on its belly pan right next to all those vehicles.
In this lawsuit-happy culture we live in, with everybody wanting somebody to pay them for some slight they may or may not have instituted upon them, you can bet the lawsuits are going to fly.
No pun intended.
While the ambulance-chasing lawyers all line up with their hands out, searching for all the pain and suffering they can get their 30 percent (or whatever amount) of, let me be the first to say congratulations to those two pilots of that particular flight.
Let’s remember that, whether they made a human error or there was an issue with the aircraft, those two pilots put the plane down, kept it straight and upright and everyone walked off the plane under their own power.
I’m sure the lawsuits are on their way, but I’m sticking up for the pilots and for what they did.
Phil Celtic

A quick update on Thanksgiving Baskets
Applications for the Thanksgiving Basket program will be available at First National Bank from Monday, Nov. 3., to Nov. 19. The Food Pantry will also have applications available each Monday until Nov. 17. Please get your application filled out as soon as possible so we know how much groceries to buy.
To our wonderful community, I am still in need of funds. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Please mail your check to Kachemak Bay Lions, P.O. Box 1824,  Homer, AK, 99603. Thank you all in advance for your help.
Fran Van Sandt and Amy Shumaker
Co-chairmen, Thanksgiving Baskets
Kachemak Bay Lions

Health, fitness classes keep seniors strong
I would like to thank Homer Senior Citizens, Inc. for providing a wide range of excellent health and fitness classes for members and the community. Zumba Gold (Tuesdays at 11 a.m. and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m.; Strong Women (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 p.m.) and T’ai Chi (Thursdays at 3 p.m.)
Research has shown that exercise is a vital part of a healthy life, and we seniors now have the opportunity to do aerobic exercise through Zumba and strength training with Strong Women. T’ai Chi focuses on many areas, including balance, coordination, memory and core strength.
Excellent instructors make sure the classes are inclusive and benefit everyone, as some students are very fit, and others need accommodations or modifications for physical issues. We all improve our health and have fun.
Sign me: “A way-more-fit senior than I would otherwise be.”
Lani Raymond

Turning traffic for trick-or-treaters
Hundreds of children and families will be trick-or-treating this Thursday in neighborhoods throughout Homer. The residents of East Bayview and Mountainview avenues remind you that both streets are “Halloween One-Ways” from 5 to 8 p.m. Traffic is one way east on Mountainview, west on Bayview.
Walk, carpool, or park-and-walk where possible. Other neighborhoods like Sabrina/Rochelle and Soundview also experience high volumes of traffic and children trick-or-treating on roads without sidewalks. Motorists, please drive safely and slowly. Pedestrians consider using headlights, flashlights or reflective tape to make yourselves and your little ones more visible.
Hats off to the residents of the Bayview and Mountainview areas for wholeheartedly embracing a home-grown solution and for sustaining a marvelous Halloween tradition. Happy haunting!
Adele Person Groning

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