City’s role isn’t to micromanage

By Gus Van Dyke

I believe that whenever a group of people come together in a community, the community should, by popular vote, let it be known what services it wants and what regulations it wants to abide by.
Therefore, the primary role of city government is to provide basic services to its residents. The city should provide police and fire protection, water and sewer services and a good road system.
When these primary services are mastered, then, and only then, can the city entertain other services. These other services must always be authorized by those who will ultimately pay for those services through taxes, its people.
Governments are forgetting who the true boss is, the people do not work for the government, the government works for the people. I believe it is time for “We the People” to make it very clear to those elected by us that they must adhere to our wishes, even if they personally disagree with it. I feel the city believes its residents need to be taken care of, that we are not able to take care of ourselves without them telling us how, what  and where.
I, for one, am tired of being micro-managed. The city is sticking its nose into areas it shouldn’t.
Examples: A property owner should be allowed to use his own land, for any lawful propose. A business owner should be allowed to attract business in any safe manner they see fit. If I want to use plastic bags, I will.
A minimal amount of regulation and restriction should be the norm, not the exception. I am greatly pleased to have been elected as a Homer City Councilman. It shows overwhelming support for my perceptions and beliefs.
I believe this election will be an eye opener for the status quo, showing the people of Homer do not want a more restrictive, spend-free government. We want the basics at an affordable price, not one of the highest-cost cities in the state.
If you agree, or don’t agree, let me know. And I will work to make this city what the people want it to be. I believe we all want a pleasant, safe and affordable place to live.

Gus Van Dyke received the most votes in the Oct. 1 election. He will serve on the council after being sworn in Oct. 14. Van Dyke is the owner of Scruggs Auto Repair and has lived in Homer 16 years.

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