Police Report – September 25

Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 13 emergency medical service and three fire calls for the week of Sept. 16 – 22.

Sept. 17
Moter Vehicle Accident: A few 911 callers reported a boat falling off a trailer and blocking East End Road. Officers responded to the scene.
Welfare Check: A person requested a welfare check on a man in the ditch by the woods on the Homer Bypass. An officer responded.

Sept. 18
Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on a confused-looking man with his pants down at his knees on the Homer Bypass. An officer responded.
Suspicious Circumstances: Multiple callers reported a man with his pants down and throwing objects in a business parking lot. An officer went to the scene and the man was trespassed from the business for a year.

Sept. 19
Found Property: A man presented to the counter of the police station with items that he believed were linked to a prior gas-siphoning incident.
Abandoned Vehicle: A caller reported an abandoned car in a local school parking lot for over a week. An officer was advised.
Drug Information: A caller reported individuals huffing and being destructive inside a local business during hours of operation. An officer was advised.
Theft from Vehicle: A caller reported items stolen from his car while parked near the harbor. An officer was advised.
Welfare Check: A caller reported a man passed out on the grass. Officers responded and provided transport for the intoxicated man. The man was trespassed from a residence on E. Bunnell Ave.

Sept. 20
Suspicious Vehicle: An officer found a vehicle left in a business parking lot, unoccupied, unlocked, running and with the keys in it. An officer secured the vehicle and turned in the keys to the Homer Police Department.
Motor Vehicle Accident: A third-party caller reported a car had collided into a fence at a local apartment complex on Ben Walters Lane. Officers responded and a pars form was issued to the driver.

Sept. 21
Suspicious Circumstances: A caller reported an audible alarm coming from some bushes. An officer went to the scene on Herndon and found a discarded smoke alarm in the bushes. All was OK.

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