South Peninsula Hospital offers room for reflection

By Bob Redmond

In the past few years, I have enjoyed the privilege of serving as a volunteer chaplain for Hospice of Homer, as well as chaplain at South Peninsula Hospital.
The summer of 2012, I was placed on staff as SPH Chaplain. It has been my desire through all of these years to have a Reflection Room at the hospital; a quiet place to provide spiritual and emotional support for patients, families and staff as they step out of the hospital environment.
In times of illness or change, many people require more than physical healthcare to help cope with challenging circumstances. I believe spiritual care is an important part of holistic care, emphasizing spirituality as a way to help people on their way toward healing.
The need for a Reflection Room increased momentum in the fall of 2012. A location was selected and a committee was formed to propose a plan.
In January of 2013, South Peninsula Hospital Foundation voted to fund the creation of such space. “The Reflection Room” was created in memory of Leo Rhode, a prominent figure in the life of the community, who bequeathed a donation to make this possible. I am so thankful for this donation and the many gifted people who helped me see this heart-felt dream come true.
The Reflection Room will enable individuals, family and staff members to express their beliefs and values in a private setting. It allows for respect and dignity for their faith or no-faith base. It will always be open, but during the nighttime hours, will require security escort which can be requested at the nurses’ station. A chaplain is available upon request.
The training and experience as Volunteer Hospice Chaplain has reinforced in me the value of compassionate listening. Also, a person’s caring presence brings a peace to patients and their families in time of crisis and at end of life. The Reflection Room is a place to exercise this with those in need.
I look forward to welcoming you to the Community Open House of the Reflection Room at South Peninsula Hospital on Sunday, Sept. 8 from noon – 2 p.m. This will be a chance to view the room, located on the lower level near the cafeteria and meet with many of the contributors of the project. It is a pleasure to serve.

Bob Redmond is South Peninsula Hospital’s resident chaplain .

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