Letters to the Editor – August 21

Greetings from Homer Chamber
After my first week at the helm of your chamber, I can say one thing; “Oh boy, have I got an interesting job!” I hope this is the first of a monthly letter from me that will inform you about our ongoing events and the many other things we’re working on.
We have several ongoing local events. Remember,  the Shopping Derby runs through Sept 2, when there will be a drawing for a $5,000 prize. This is your chamber’s effort to help our members in the retail business. It needs your support. Help your chamber and town by shopping local. And be sure to buy Shopping Derby tickets for your chance to win.
Our Jackpot Halibut Derby continues to see a banner year for tagged fish. All tagged fish are money fish, ranging in prize money from $250 to $10,000. Plus, there’s a GCI $50,000 fish, as well as a Stanley Ford F-150 fish. You’ve heard it before: you can’t win if you don’t play.
We’ve weighed in several big fish and received a number of tagged fish from folks who did not have a Derby ticket. Who knows what they could have won. On Sept. 21 at 4 p.m., we will all know when we hold our Jackpot Halibut Derby Jamboree here at the Visitor Center. We will be matching tag numbers to prize payouts.
Our car and ATV raffle has started. This fundraiser helps pay bills and gets us through the long winter.  You can pick up a car raffle ticket at the chamber for $100, an ATV ticket for $35, or a combo car/ATV ticket for $130. Only 500 tickets are sold, so get in on that action.
One of my pet projects has to do with the restoration of the Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon to its former days of glory. I watched and filmed, back in June, the stocking of 130,000+ coho smolt into the Fishing Hole. It is exciting to know these fish, planted in the saltwater, will return next summer.
I’ll be starting a “They’re Coming” campaign before the beginning of next summer and hope to see the return of visitors, as the lagoon once again becomes a major draw from around the state and our Outside visitors again.
I’m a busy man, but always available to speak to anyone, especially our members with questions, suggestions or concern. My best to you all.
Jim Lavrakas
Executive Director

No, Dr. Sayer is not retiring
A week and a half ago, a person relayed to me that Dr. Paul Sayer had been taken off the emergency call list. I saw Dr. Sayer that day and he wasn’t sure what was happening.
On Aug. 7 and 8, a beautiful half-page ad appeared in both of our local newspapers, thanking Dr. Sayer for his years of service paid for by the local union. This ad stated what so many of us feel, but some thought it meant Dr. Sayer was retiring.
Dr. Sayer was not informed ahead of time that this was happening. This decision was made by the operating board of South Peninsula Hospital.
Dr. Sayer has helped and saved lives of so many Homer area residents over the years in the emergency room and with surgery. He has usually been on a two-weeks-on and two-weeks-off schedule. Why would the operating board decide to cancel his on call schedule? He still has surgical privilege at South Peninsula Hospital, but not the on-call schedule for the emergency room.
We want to know why. We have started a petition to give to the operating board so we can better understand.
Dr. Sayer has done surgery on my husband and me. He is not only one of our doctors, but he has also become a good friend. We and so many others, feel the hospital is wrong in this.
If you or a family member have to go to he emergency room, you have the right to request to see Dr. Sayer.
To sign the petition, go to Cece’s Kitchen, Plymire and Shoultz Bookkeeping, Boogs Automotive and Dr. Sayer’s office. Please stop by and sign so we can get some answers.
Cece Grevemberg

Homer Foundation just gives and gives
Pier One Youth/Teen Theatre is proud to thank the Homer Foundation Youth Advisory Committee for a very generous donation to our tuition assistance program. This funding was made possible through the generous donations of individuals to Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth
Funds, both field of interest funds at the Homer Foundation. This support made it possible to offer reduced tuition to many families this summer. Thanks, Youth Advisory Committee of the Homer Foundation.
Lance Petersen
For Pier One Youth/Teen Theatre

‘TheatreShakes’ up school year
As the school year begins, Homer Council on the Arts is excited to announce our 2013-2014 youth art and theatre programs; all made possible by the support of our generous grantors.
A three-year project grant from Alaska State Council on the Arts has made possible a year-round youth/teen theatre program in collaboration with Pier One Theatre.
Now in its fourth season, TheatreShakes starts Sept. 5, helping beginners, as well as more experienced young actors, to develop theatre skills. This year’s production will be The “Taming of the Shrew.”
Our youth/teen musical theatre program, will start in December with emphasis on collaboration and creativity.
Previous performances include Andy and Honk, the  Musical. This year, the students will create an original production. They will write the script and lyrics and help with production, choreography and composition of the musical score.
Year after year, The Homer Foundation has been a key supporter of arts programs for our young people. During 2013-2014, funding from the Foundation will support HCOA’s youth theatre programs, as well as ArtQuest, our after-school visual arts program. This year, we are offering two classes a week for students age 10 and older. Monday classes will be in two-dimensional art and Wednesdays in three-dimensional.
HCOA’s mission is to provide opportunities for everyone in our community to experience and participate in the arts.
We are grateful to organizations that make our mission possible by supporting our programs with grants. We are grateful to the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the City of Homer, who make our mission possible by supporting our general operations. And we are grateful to our individual and business members and sponsors, who are Homer Council on the Arts.
Gail Edgerly
Executive Director, HCOA

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  1. Patricia Cue says:

    Dr. Sayer saved my mother’s life. Thank you Dr. Sayer. The SPH Operating Board in once again on the wrong side of public opinion. So what else is new?

  2. Sallie Dodd Butters po1223 Homer Ak /Homer says:

    Paul Sayer is the ONLY Dr. who will EVER operate on me until HE tells me he no longer will….This Hospital Board had better show some flex in this issue…get your heads out of your colonoscopy area!

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