FYI – August 7

Dividend downer
While the Alaska Permanent Fund hit an all-time high, Alaskans probably won’t see more than $800 of dividend heading their way in October. The fund from which annual dividends are paid grew 10.5 percent last year, reaching a new high of $44.9 billion. Growth is attributed to the performance of the U.S. stock market. However, the amount of money to be split among qualified applicants is estimated at just $605 million — the lowest since 2005. The amount of money available for dividends is calculated on a five-year average of the fund’s performance. Those five years include 2009, when the recession saddled the fund with an 18 percent loss. The Alaska Dispatch has calculated the amount for this year’s dividend check to be less than $800, which would be the lowest payout since 1987.

Hoka Hey returning
Billed as “Unfinished Business,” the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge will follow a new route to cover some old ground between Key West, Fla.  and Homer next July.
According to their website, Unfinished Business is “a journey that will convince participants that the things we have avoided are the things that have the power to transform, enrich and even complete us.”  Long stretches of open highway and dark, cold, rainy nights will encourage participants not only to be mindful of what is most important in life, but to act on it.  By taking honest and courageous stock of our own unfinished business, we all can live lives that honor our best selves.
In keeping with the Lakota ideal of “Wolakota,” Unfinished Business will open new paths for both personal and spiritual growth because it will not only opens the eyes of riders to the deplorable conditions on remote Indian reservations around America, but it will also bring out the riders’ own true character. At some point during their ride, the Challenge transforms itself from a long distance motorcycle ride into a life changing event and not one participant has been able to hide the true nature within them if they struggle and persevere. The goodness, the strength, and the warrior spirit will always surface for any one who runs the Challenge with integrity, tenacity and heart.

Homer experiences outages
Homer Electric crews responded to a power outage in the Homer area Monday, August 5th, that left approximately 2,000 meters without power. The initial outage began at about 11:30 a.m. when a connection to an electrical junction box failed near the intersection of Elderberry Drive and Mountain View Drive in Homer.  The junction box connects underground power lines that serve the area.
The incident created an outage that included parts of Diamond Ridge, East Hill, downtown Homer, Lake Street and along the Sterling Highway from the Safeway store to the end of the Homer Spit. The outage area also included communities on the south side of Kachemak Bay, from Halibut Cove to Nanwalek.
HEA members in the Seldovia, Port Graham and Nanwalek area were able to receive power from the Gerry Willard Generation Plant in Seldovia during the outage.
HEA crews restored power to nearly half of the affected meters by 1 p.m. on Monday afternoon, but approximately 900 meters, including those on the Homer Spit, remained without power until just after 3 p.m. when HEA crews completed repairs.
If you are without power, please make sure to report your outage to HEA at 1-888-8OUTAGE.

A 5.06 magnitude earthquake shook Homer on Thursday, Aug. 1 at 1:32 p.m.  60 miles northwest of Homer and 125 miles southwest of Anchorage at a depth of 82 miles. No tsunami warning was issued.
According to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center, Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks there has been 156 small earthquakes from Aug. 1-Aug. 6.
“We average around 2,000 earthquakes per month in Alaska,” said Alaska State Seismologist  Michael West. “It works out to roughly about 80 earthquakes a day. There is a lot of variablity, if we have a 7.0 or 6.0 magnitude in the Aleutians, this can spawn several hundred aftershocks; 156 earthquakes in the last couple days is on par with normal.”

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