ENSTAR Natural Gas Company to energize Homer trunk line this week Homer/Anchor Point residents could notice odor but it’s normal


In preparation for first gas deliveries to Homer, ENSTAR Natural Gas Company will energize the first 17 miles of the Homer Trunk Line with natural gas and place it into service this week. Residents of the Homer and Anchor Point areas may notice an odor as the line is purged on Friday, August 16; this is a normal and safe occurrence.
“ENSTAR will purge the pipeline from Anchor Point to a series of valves near the Homer High School throughout the day on Friday,” said John Sims, Director of Business Development. “Purging is the process of removing air from the newly constructed pipeline and injecting natural gas.”
ENSTAR estimates the purging process may take several hours, during which residents may smell mercaptan, the odorant added to natural gas to detect any release of gas. Mercaptan has the distinct odor of rotten eggs. The release of natural gas is normal for this process and should be expected. Because natural gas is lighter than air, it will safely dissipate into the atmosphere.
Once the Trunk Line is energized, the smaller gas mains installed in side streets and all customer service lines will be connected and purged. Small releases of natural gas are normal during this process. For any questions, contact ENSTAR at 907-435-0635. Learn more about the Homer project at www.enstarnaturalgas.com and click on the Homer Expansion tab on the right side of the home page.

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