Attitudes are more important than facts

By Chris Story

The fact of the matter is that man was born with feet and arms, not wings.  We are by fact of our design not intended to take flight.  The attitude of the Wright brothers, however, defeated that fact resoundingly.  As a result, millions of humans will be airborne today, tomorrow and on into the future.
It was Dr. Karl Menninger who coined the phrase, “Attitudes are more important than facts.”
At the most recent Homer City Council Meeting, the city manager introduced an ordinance that won unanimous consent.  The ordinance will allow for nonconforming use status of a property to remain after the death of the owner, even if there is a lapse in said nonconforming use.
This is a case where the facts are clear; your property must have continuous use to maintain the special nonconforming use status; however, the attitude of fairness, compassion and reason won out over the facts.  (This ordinance is yet to be adopted; it will next be reviewed by the Homer Planning and Zoning Commission).
Could this be a new trend we are to witness in Homer, Alaska?
Will the Homer City Manager recognize that there are many other areas within the Homer City Zoning Code that are rife with flaws and attitudes that prohibit a sense of community and stifle the new mantra of “Homer is Open for Business!?”
If so, let me be the first to extend my hand to Mr. Wrede and welcome him aboard the SS Prosperity.  We have already set sail, but it’s not too late to abandon your ship of restrictions and harmful policies.  Climb aboard and grab an oar; be so busy rowing this boat to the shores of opportunity, you have no time to rock it.
The attitude we present in any situation, can have massive impact on the outcome, despite the facts being stacked against you.
When the Gateway Business District was being debated; the facts were stacked against us.  The fact was that the planning commission was dead set against the rezone; the fact was that the administration (prior to the newly exhibited attitude of the city manager) was against the rezone.  In fact, one person, now a Kenai Peninsula Borough assemblyman, took it upon himself to campaign heavily against the business district.
Another often overlooked fact was our attitude.  Those of us that put our shoulders against the wheel knew we were up against a set of facts that were ominous.  It was our “never quit,” “yes we can” attitude that won the day.  With the steadfast help of a few key people, a positive mental attitude defeated a factory of facts.
Imagine, if the city council, mayor and the city manager were aligned with an attitude of “yes we can;” as opposed to “No you can’t” where we might go.
As Zig Ziglar so aptly said, “It’s your attitude that will determine your altitude.”

Chris Story is a lifelong Alaskan, and broker and owner of Story Real Estate. He is also host of “Alaska Matters Radio,” heard Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 p.m. on KGTL.

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2 Responses for “Attitudes are more important than facts”

  1. who do they work for? says:

    When the community came to the city council to discuss turning the HERC building into a community center, they said exactly that “NO you can’t.” The mayor thought it absurd we would expect them to come up with money for that.

    Now they want to tear down the HERC building and build a new 15 million dollar facility for police and fire, plenty of money for that! There already is a building for them, just like the museum that already has a space but there is plenty of money for a new one. Who will look out for those who really have needs?

    Kinda reminds me of the US government, ‘oh no, we have no money’ for schools, infrastructure, meals on wheels for senior citizens…but then ‘hey look- another war! ” plenty of money for that.

  2. disgusting says:

    Where will the Boys and Girls club be housed?

    What kind of people would even suggest this after having said there is no money for children in the community?

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