Swimming in the Shallows entertains at Pier One

Swimming In The Shallows is being performed again this Friday and Saturday at Pier One Theatre, opening at 7:30 p.m.
Directed by Marc Oliver, Adam Bock’s “Swimming in the Shallows” follows several friends and their complex lives in Twig Beach, Rhode Island.
Shallows tells the story of Barb (Jessica Williams) learning about Buddhist monks and how they own only eight things, a life style she tries to emulate. She holds yard sales, makes regular trips to the dump and tries to pile as much of her stuff as she can on her friend Carla Carla (Adi Davis), who has a bigger problem. Meanwhile, Barb’s husband Bob keeps buying more stuff to replace her discards.
Carla Carla’s partner Donna (Ruby Quarton) has proposed marriage  but Carla Carla, avoiding commitment, turns her down until she quits smoking.
Her gay friend Nick (Jacob Mayforth) helps her while also trying to find a solid relationship of his own. Each of these stories features a very different relationship, with Barb in the midst of a 20-year marriage, Carla Carla and Donna trying to figure out if they’re ready for the next step and Nick figuring out what he wants out of romance in the first place. While it seems deep on the surface, the characters (and their shallow attitudes) had audiences in hysterics and promises more fun this weekend. Supporting actors (whose roles we can’t reveal, lest we give away a zinger in the plot) are director Marc Oliver and Alder Fletcher.
In another Pier One highlight, audiences are enjoying outstanding pianist Johnny B’s flair for the theatrics Wednesday evenings. The show, “Rhythm of the North, is enhanced by Daniel Zatz’s videos and Brad Lewis’s photography of Alaska wildlife. Bushell is performing again tonight and two more Wednesdays.
Tickets for all performances are available in advance at the Homer Book Store and at the ticket booth in front of the theatre on the night of the performance. General admission tickets are $14, with discounts for seniors, students and contributors. For reservations call 907 235 7333.

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