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Ugly should not be a crime
Mike Kennedy has been a great neighbor and community member for a very long time. He was a supporter of my local business, the Red Pepper Kitchen, and I have often appreciated the skills he can bring to the table.
Mike has helped many others in countless ways. Although many of the folks he has helped have now passed, and new folks on boards of some nonprofits may not be familiar with his deeds. His help was generous and, many times, selfless.
I value people by what they do, and not what they have. The folks who want to see the value of the property unencumbered by the “junk” of Michael’s should be counting the value of his contributions and not the “bottom line.”
This is an issue of individual style verse substance. I live in this state because the constitution of the state allows me liberties that I value more than the “bottom line.” Mike was there respectfully being Mike before the potential big bucks of the property matured, and should be allowed to finish out his existence on that land and respected as the good community person he is without threats and litigation to drive him off like a mangy dog. Ugly should not be a crime.
I have long felt that the folks who complain the loudest about property values stay the shortest and are not interested in being neighbors, just passing investors.
Shawn Fate

Growing futures for our kids
I am a sixth-grade teacher at McNeil Canyon Elementary School and my students were involved in many field studies this spring. These experiences included citizen science trips to monitor the health of Beaver Creek, check for invasive species in Kachemak Bay, study plankton with local experts and scientists, and participate in a “Leave No Trace” spring camp-out in which students learned minimal impact practices.
We would like to express our gratitude for the support we received from Alaska Hardy-Fritz Creek Gardens with our annual fundraiser of selling gift certificates. A donation of a generous percentage of those sales went to our class and helped fund our spring excursions.
New owner Daniel Stanislaw and manager Steven Veldstra continued Rita Jo Shoultz’s tradition of this fundraiser and we were grateful they were willing to do this. We appreciate The Homer Bookstore for being a town outlet for our gift certificates and all the people who purchased them.
Thank you again for your continued support of education and our youth. Your support makes learning experiences possible which will help give our students the tools they need to understand the world around them as they become our future innovative scientists, engineers, technicians, leaders and citizens.
Sheryl Sotelo and sixth-grade students,
McNeil Canyon Elementary School

Former Homerites feeling ‘Home(r) sick’
It’s been two years since we left, and you can bet that we haven’t forgotten one of the most beautiful places in the world; No, not yet.
With the pristine waters of Kachemak Bay, the Kenai Mountains capped with snow and on any given day, the smiles and support of friends and family coming our way, sealed our love for all of you.
That will remain forever true. Homer taught us how to live, how to be happy, how to give.
We carried these gifts to where we now reside, which made the transition better, but still inside, a large portion of our hearts will always be in that “Little Hamlet by The Sea.”
Sometimes we get Home(r) sick and can hardly breathe, then the memories come as they always do, which helps a lot when we’re feeling blue.
So Dear Homer, thanks again, for still teaching us how to be friendly and how to win. May your summer be wonderful, your days be merry, as you carry others along on this journey of life.
Love from three forever Homerites.
Gay and Ron Pendleton and Tater Dog
Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Thanks for supporting local seniors
I would like to offer a heartfelt “thank you” to the many community members and organizations who take the time each spring to review applications and offer scholarships to local graduating seniors. As part of the HHS Class of 2013, I was fortunate to receive multiple awards. It is an incredible honor to be recognized, and I am truly grateful for the support.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Drew Scalzi Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Homer Foundation, the Homer Elks Lodge and Alaska State Association of Emblem Clubs, Homer Electrical Association, and the Aleutian Harvester Memorial Fund for their generous contributions that will assist with my college tuition.
I am attending the University of Oregon in the fall and plan to pursue a degree in business. I intend to return to Homer to work in the summers and look forward to giving back to our community in the future.
Katherine Pitzman

The future of our leadership
On behalf of HoWL, I would like to thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee for enabling youth to participate in our Peer Leadership Program through their grant award.
The grant allocates funds for HoWL’s Peer Leaders (local high school students) to lead day trips three times a week throughout the summer. After graduating from an extensive leadership-training program, 12 Peer Leaders have begun to help lead HoWL day trips and expeditions.
As Peer Leaders, these HoWLers teach wilderness skills such as knife safety, backcountry risk management, local flora and fauna, teamwork, and role model other critical topics on HoWL trips. HoWL instructors agree that having a Peer Leader on every trip has significantly enhanced the quality of all HoWL trips.
Instructor Kiko Sweeney says, “Autumn (Baker) and Quinn (Alward) were always ready to teach the group with smiles on their faces and jokes in their back pockets,” on the Fire and Ice trip in mid-June to Grewingk Glacier Lake.
For the rest of this summer, HoWL’s Peer Leaders will be leading trips around Homer and across the Bay, honing their leadership skills and outdoor experience. This program has already begun to develop leaders of the future and will continue to do so, thanks to the Youth Advisory Committee of the Homer Foundation, and their support of HoWL’s Peer Leader Program.
Thanks again for your support.
Libby Veasey
HoWL Executive and Programs Director

It was a great day to Strut your Mutt
Thank you to everyone who attended, registered, raised pledges, donated, volunteered, spread the word and supported Homer Animal Friends 14th-annual Strut Your Mutt.
Thank you to all the local businesses – Homer Veterinary Clinic, Lisa Ann’s Dog Grooming, Homer Hounds, Coal Point Trading Co., Homer Tribune, Quick Draw Water, Tonsina Whippets, Homer Bookstore, Save U More, Safeway, Ulmers and all the anonymous donors — for helping to make it a success.
You all helped make the strut a fun activity for dogs and their people pals, and you helped support HAF’s Spay/Neuter Program.
Lynn Kee
HAF Volunteer

Feed the teen
On July 10th at noon at the Methodist Church, there will be a community meeting to decide how we can feed some of the homeless and needy teens in our community.
Please attend and anyone else that has a desire to help these kids that need a healthy meal and a safety net that the community does care about them. We are looking at initially doing a three-month run with five meals a week for about 20 kids to see how it goes.  We are exploring options and possibilities for meal providers. We will be looking at getting community support to contribute to the cost.
If there are any individuals, organizations or restaurants that would like this contract please come to the meeting. Teens are encouraged to participate and attend so their needs can be best met.
If you have any questions or suggestions please email humcalaska@gmail.com
Sherry Stead and Pastor Lisa Talbott

Big changes at Big Brothers/Sisters
In early July I am moving to Olympia, Wash. Being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and working with the community has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much and have worked with so many wonderful and caring people over the last six years.
The good news is that Jenny Martin will be the new Community Director. She will still be doing the program side of things and will also now be doing the events and fundraising aspects. She’ll be doing it all and if there’s anyone who can handle this, it’s definitely Jenny.
Susan Kirn
Homer Community Director

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