376 pound halibut

Halibut caught 7/16/13 by Jennifer Davis of Anchorage. Photo by Kim Killion

Halibut caught 7/16/13 by Jennifer Davis of Anchorage. Photo by Kim Killion

376 pound halibut caught by Anchorage resident Jennifer Davis on July 16, through Steve’s Saltwater Charters.

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3 Responses for “376 pound halibut”

  1. Jerry Johnson says:

    I wonder how many eggs she would have laid had not she’d been killed Folks, these big ones are the ones that propagate the species. We gotta quit killin the big ones! Don’t take my word for it, ask F&G. I’m guilty of doing the same when I was a charter skipper, but things have changed. I’ve been here long enuf to see the shrimp and the crab decimated. We can prevent the disappearance of halibut if we use our heads.

    • Sport Fisher says:

      That fish is in fish menapause! Think about it, all female creatures reach a point in their life when they cannot reproduce anymore they are getting ready to die, if those were all the ones that make all the babies why do you see one one these every couple years caught on sport gear. Go to the docks in Homer and see the commercial guys offload their catches if you want to be sad! On top of that most of that commercial halibut is exported, not even consumed by people in the US!

    • Steve Mcgrew says:

      Jerry,while you are correct about these big halibut being spawners that lay millions of eggs,the same is true of all female halibut of spawning age…The 40lb and up females ALL produce roe and spawn….There are far more than enough halibut spawning to maintain the species just fine…The issue is not that there are enough spawning halibut.The issue is that many of the bigger fish are being removed from the fishery by the comercial longline halibut fishermen..They fish areas ofshore wherever they know larger fish congrigate…take walk down to the dock in homer,kodiak,sand point or anywhere else the commercial boats deliver and you will see that these folks bring in many thousands of fish in the 60-150lb class and allot of fish over 200lbs also. The Commercial guys are not being honest when they say that their quotas have been cut…in the years following implmentation of the IFQ program the TAC (total allowable catch) was increased every year for many years,in some ateas the TAC became more than double what was allowed pre-IFQ. The commercial guys are still fishing on quota that is higher than the pre IFQ TAC in most areas….The commercial fleet needs further Halibut restricting and the P-cod longliners and the trawlers need to have their allowed halibut Mortality cut in half…The sports and charter fllet should be left alone and allowed even more access.

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