Repeal SB 21; stop the oil tax giveaway

By Liz Diament

Over the past month, you may have run into dedicated people asking you to sign a petition to repeal the oil giveaway. These volunteers are giving of their time and effort to get enough signatures to get this important issue on the ballot for 2014.
We are well on our way to meeting our signature goals, but we still need every one of you to sign. This is a non-partisan effort to give Alaska citizens a chance to vote on whether we believe this tax giveaway is a good idea.
This tax giveaway is going to give billions of dollars to the oil companies. Those billions will be taken away from our permanent fund dividends, the state’s budgets for roads and the state’s budgets for schools. Our representatives in Juneau think that is OK? Do you agree? I definitely do not agree!
Here’s why:
As Alaskans, our state owns the rights to our oil resources. The tax paid by oil companies is our share of those resources. Our representatives are supposed to represent us, the citizens of Alaska, and negotiate a fair and equitable tax system. It should be a system that balances the incentives to fill the pipeline, while still maintaining enough financial resources to sustain our state.
This oil tax bill simply gives away billions of dollars to BP, ConocoPhillips and Exxon, without any promise to reinvest that money in Alaska. Our dividends are at risk, as is our fiscal solvency as a state.
Our representatives in the legislature failed their citizenry by not standing up for Alaskans. Instead, they gave in to the oil companies and to Governor Sean Parnell. So now it is time for citizens to stand up for themselves and stop this oil giveaway.
So, the next time a person asks you to sign — even if you are unsure of where you stand on this important issue — I encourage you to sign anyway.
Make sure the option to repeal SB21 is on the ballot in 2014. You will be glad you did!

Liz Diament is the democratic challenger who ran against Republican Paul Seaton in the November general election.

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