Police Report – June 12

June 3
Welfare Check: A man requested medical assistance, but then refused help. An officer responded to the area for a welfare check, but the man continued to refuse treatment and transport.
Disturbance: A caller reported gun shots fired from a passing vehicle on West Hill, but did not know the plate number. An officer responded to the area, but was unable to locate anything suspicious.

June 4
Traffic Hazard: A man called to report a traffic hazard caused by road construction without flaggers on Forest Glen. Public Works was notified.
Public Assist: An anonymous man went to the police station to report shrubbery interfering with the visibility of a stop sign.
June 5
Hit and Run: A woman reported her nephew was the victim of a hit and run while at work.
Disturbance: A female on West Fairview reported her boyfriend had stolen her keys. An officer responded, and all was OK when he got there.
Disturbance: A 911 caller reported people shooting firearms on the beach. An officer responded.

June 6
Trespass: An intoxicated man went to the police station to ask about a past incident. An officer advised the man to leave, as he was too intoxicated for coherent conversation. The man refused and was arrested for criminal trespass.

June 7
Suspicious Circumstances: A man called to report two people target-shooting within the city limits on Tulin Road. An officer responded to the scene and advised the shooters of the ordinance. They left the scene.
Child Abuse: A woman reported a child being beaten on Campground Road. An officer responded and arrested a man.
Possess/Use of Marijuana: A woman called 911 to report a man lying in the driveway of a Skyline Drive home and acting strangely. An officer responded and arrested the man for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree.
Driving while intoxicated: A caller reported a verbal disturbance in a campground and that a possibly intoxicated person had driven away. An officer made contact with the vehicle and a woman was arrested for DUI.

June 8
Disturbance: A woman contacted an officer and reported some people sword fighting with flaming swords next to a local business on Fish Dock Road. An officer contacted the swordsmen and said they needed to take their sword fighting further down the beach away from the businesses.
Animal Related Complaint: A woman reported she caught two labs with no collars and needed to get them to the animal shelter. Dispatch contacted Animal Control.
Theft: The Homer Harbor office reported theft of life jackets from the public box. Officers made contact with the suspect’s vehicle, and the suspect said he believed the public life jackets could be taken home for a future boat trip. Officers informed him that that life jackets were for public use “at time of launch” at the harbor. The man said he would return the life jackets.

June 9
Suspicious Circumstances: A caller reported seeing a suspicious man at an apartment that is currently under construction. An officer made contact with the man and found that he was working on the building and all was OK.
June 11
Drivers License Violation: A woman called 911 to report three boys looking into vehicles and boats. An officer went to the scene on Spit Road and cited one of the boys for driving in violation of his learner’s permit.

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