Letters to the Editor – June 26

Before recycling was cool
$1.86 million for a zoning violation? This is insane.  Some of us remember Mike Kennedy from the Last Chance on Main Street. Mike was way ahead of his time recycling everything of value. He has probably kept more stuff out of the dump than any person in Homer.
He has cleaned up his lot and is in substantial compliance. Why is the City spending time and money continuing a lawsuit that certainly does not fit the crime?
Brad Faulkner

More importantly
I agree with Mr. Chris Story’s article in the June 19th issue that Mike Kennedy should not pay any fines. I went by his place before clean-up and it certainly never bothered me. I’ve gone by it since clean-up and he did a great job. He has lived on the site for about 30 years I have been told.
I don’t know who started the fuss about his yard, but there are certainly more important things in the world to worry about than that.
Patricia Green
Fritz Creek

Grant helps mountain trails
The Kachemak Nordic Ski Club would like to thank the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation for the generous support provided by the city grant that KNSC received this year. The money provided by this grant is used to help offset the costs associated with maintaining and grooming Homer area trails.
In addition to trails dedicated to cross country skiing, KNSC is continuing work to add additional summer trail access at the Eveline State Recreation Site, which is managed by the ski club. Some of the money will also be used to support our efforts to obtain larger grants to help fund improvements to facilities at our ski areas.
Such efforts have allowed us to build a much-needed equipment storage shed at McNeil, and to secure funding for major upgrades to parking and facilities at the Lookout Mountain area. A grant this year will allow us to build a facility at Lookout this summer. This will be used for equipment storage, as well as shelter for participants at the many school and community races that are held at the Lookout area each year.
The continuing support of nonprofit organizations provided by the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation is important for our effort to provide healthy outdoor recreational opportunities to residents of the Homer area as well as winter and summer visitors. It is just one of the many reasons that Homer is such a great place to live and play. We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the trails that we maintain.
Richard Burton
Treasurer, KNSC

MAPPing out thanks
On behalf of Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership of the Southern Kenai Peninsula, I would like to thank Homer Foundation for a grant received in 2012 to assist with travel to Port Graham and Nanwalek to obtain input for culturally sensitive language in some of our materials.
Homer Air was generous in extending these travel vouchers to bring residents to Homer last week to participate in a Green Dot training, further extending the reach of those grant dollars.
We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in trainings with our neighbors across the Bay, as we collectively work to build healthy relationships and eliminate violence in our communities.
We appreciate the generosity of both the Homer Foundation and Homer Air on these projects.
Sharon Whytal, Public Health Nurse
Homer Public Health Center

Help advances education
Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula wants thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee for its funding support from YAC’s generous donors, as well as the Ashley J Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth funds for their continuing contributions on behalf of our 2013 Summer Institute and Exploration Bridging Institute programs.
YAC’s donation was of great help as we welcomed students from 10 KPBSD schools, as they participate in activities designed to enhance their educational experience and prepare for the transitions from middle school to high school, and from high school to college.
Summer College Institute allows Project GRAD Kenai Peninsula students to be on campus and engage in challenging and enriching curriculum in a nurturing environment.
We appreciate YAC being a part of our support base as we work to assist students in achieving a rewarding and successful educational experience.
Mike Petersen
Executive director

On behalf of local youth, thank you!
The R.E.C. Room is happy to announce the continuation of the FORK Club; free healthy cooking classes for youth for the 2013-2014 year. Thanks to generous support from the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee and its donors, as well as the Ashley J. Logan and Sheldon Youth to Youth Funds, young people in our community will again be able to participate in this fun, creative and nutritious learning experience in the year ahead.
Last year, 45 teens participated in FORK Club, learning how to prepare fresh meals with organic and local ingredients under the direction of volunteer chefs. Students and volunteers then took the time to sit and enjoy their culinary creations together as a team.
Plans for the second year of FORK Club, which will begin in August, include a baking class hosted at Kathy Kysar’s Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery and an Edible Arts for Youth session with Bunnell Street Arts Center.
We’re currently looking for more volunteer chefs for the FORK Club. Anyone interested in teaching a one-evening class this year should contact the R.E.C. Room.
Many thanks again to all our kind friends who share our commitment in helping young people take care of their health through participation in safe and fun activities that offer healthy choices.
Heather O’Connor, Executive director
Anna Meredith, Youth Program manager
Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

Writer’s conference success
The Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College would like to extend its sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the following individuals, agencies and businesses whose generous grants, donations and in-kind support made the 12th-annual Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference possible and such a tremendous success.
I also greatly appreciated all the support from so many in Homer. Writers, students, teachers, literary enthusiasts and readers came from throughout Alaska and the Lower 48.
This highly acclaimed, award-winning educational and cultural experience could not have been possible without the assistance and significant contributions from many, including: Advance Printing, ACF’s Elizabeth Carroll Fund, Alaska Airlines, Alaska Coastal Marine, Alaska Humanities Forum, Alaska Professional Communicators, Alaska State Council on the Arts, Alice’s Champagne Palace, Eleanor Andrews, KBC Caroline M. Coons Fund, Barbara Baugh, Bay Excursions, Homer Council on the Arts, Lucy Cutting, Dwell Press, Era Alaska, Maury and Agnes Coyle, Alaska Women’s Network, First National Bank Alaska, Friends of the Homer Library, Homer News, Homer Veterinary Clinic, Mary Hughes, Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, Land’s End Resort, Peninsula Clarion, Peter and Jo Michaelis, Save-U-More, Peggy Shoemaker/Joe Usability, The Homer Bookstore, Two Sisters Bakery, Fran Ulmer, University of Alaska BP/Conoco Fund, University of Alaska Anchorage’s Chancellor office and University Relations, UAA’s CWLA department and the Usibelli Foundation. Thank you all!
See you next year, June 13-17, 2014!
Carol Swartz, Director
Kachemak Bay Campus-Kenai
Peninsula College/UAA

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