Letters to the Editor – June 19

Kudos to Project Grad
In case you missed the opening First Friday of the Project Grad “Create the Mask of Your Future” show at Homer Council on the Arts, be sure to go by and see this amazing exhibit of student work.
The mission of Project Grad Kenai Peninsula is to ensure a rigorous public education for Alaska students, to increase high school graduation rates and to prepare students to enter and excel in college.
What better way to do that than to engage students in experiences and projects that allow and encourage them to learn about their personal strengths, develop team work, encourage creative thought, and require that they plan and produce a product that incorporates what they have learned.
The 350 masks displaying the culmination of this year’s project clearly demonstrate the whole experience was designed to increase and promote student learning, self awareness, self confidence, creativity and engagement in directing their own learning. Wow! It is impressive.
Meeting the artists/students whose work was displayed in the show was especially rewarding. They were excited, proud and truly engaged in the project. They were willing to talk about the process and what it meant to them personally.
Please drop by Homer Council on the Arts some afternoon soon and see the show. HCOA is open 1-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The show will be up until June 28.
Diane Borgman, President
Homer Council on the Arts

‘Shooting Stars’ into the future
I would like to thank Diana Wambach “Shooting for the Stars” Scholarship Foundation for awarding me their scholarship. I am grateful they believe in me to succeed in my future. They have aided me with the stress of having to pay my tuition fee and not having to rely on student loans.
I continue to work down on the Spit, saving money to help me further through my schooling and look forward to updating them on my success over the following nine months. Thank you.
Caleb Lunsford

Help in pursuing a passion
I would like to thank the Homer Council on the Arts for awarding me a scholarship. Music is my passion, and I’m thrilled to use this money to attend the Sitka Fine Arts Camp.
I have been to the camp once before and it was amazing. Thanks again for awarding me this generous scholarship.
Audrey Russell

This is only a drill
South Peninsula Hospital will be conducting an evacuation drill on Tuesday, June 25th from 9 a.m. – 12 noon. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this drill might cause.
It is the responsibility of South Peninsula Hospital to care for our patients no matter what the situation might be; therefore it is important that our employees practice worst case scenarios so we are best prepared for any situation.
Our drill is being managed by Incident Management Solutions and will exercise our Evacuation Plan, including the use of recently purchased med-sleds designed for safe, quick evacuation of patients to the lower level of the hospital. We were fortunate to receive grant funds from the State of Alaska Hospital Preparedness Office for these purchases.
Volunteers from the community will be serving as “patients” for the drill.
Please join us in your own home in getting prepared for the worst case scenario. A complete list of what to put in your disaster kit, including important contact information, financial information and a list of all your medications can be found at the FEMA website http://www.ready.gov/”www.ready.gov.
Derotha Ferraro
Public Relations
South Peninsula Hospital

Whispering sweet nothings
Fascist politicians, judges and justices have long insisted we should use the original intent of the framers to interpret the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution guarantees the right to travel to U.S. citizens. However, if a person wants to travel using an automobile, they have to be licensed and the vehicle has to be registered. To travel by foot, horse or bicycle requires nothing but ambition.
The framers clearly intended the right to bear arms to include single shot, black powder, muzzle loaders since those were the only “arms” available when the Constitution was written. Anyone who wants to use or carry multi-shot firearms outside their home should be licensed and the firearms registered.
Until that happens, you can count on more mass killings on a monthly basis. The only things that will be hurt by responsible “gun control” are the pocketbooks of the fascist propagandists in the NRA and their allies making and selling firearms and ammunition.
Frank Vondersaar

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  1. jerry johnson says:

    “Whispering sweet nothings” Hey Frank, Hitler, Stalin, and many other dictators had gun registration. They took the list and picked up the guns and specifically, in Germany, executed 6 million people. If you don’t like the constitution, your free to leave this country. Incidently, more people are killed by automobiles than guns.

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