Letter – June 5

Thank You YAC!
Kachemak Heritage Land Trust would like to thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee  for their recent grant award.  The grant will help fund the greenhouse that is a part of the Kachemak Heritage Land Trust Community Garden.  This garden is important to children, as it is used in the summer by children from the Center to grow potatoes for the Homer Food Pantry.
The students get to play in the dirt and learn about growing food, while enjoying the Land Trust’s beautiful 3-plus acre property located in the middle of Homer.  They also get to learn about community philanthropy while having fun.Our most sincere thanks.
Sheryl Ohlsen
Communication & Development Coordinator

Generous café
Jamie and Tuck Pennington, owners of the Boatyard Café, were very generous in donating proceeds from their sales on May 18 to Relay for Life.
On behalf of our Relay Team, we want to thank them for their support. What a great way to honor Jamie’s mom. Thank you. And, if you haven’t been to Boatyard Cafe lately, please stop by, as their food is spectacular. Thank you Jamie.
Julie Woodworth,
Chair of FNBA Relay for Life Team

Fun in the saddle
Cowboy Cabaret was another grand success, and  Cottonwood Horse Park’s ownership just got closer to fruition for the Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association.
There was great music, poetry, a chuck wagon supper, dessert auction, silent and live auctions and fun had by all. What more could anyone ask? We want to thank all the wonderful businesses who donated, especially Emerald Air, who donated two bear-viewing trips; True North for a kayak trip for two;  and Marian Beck for a trip for two to the Saltry, a night in Halibut Cove and an original painting. What would we do without you?
Cowboy Emcee Extraordinaire, Mark Marette, rode in from the head of the Bay and kept the action lively while sharing his poetry. Tim Quinn is the leader of our Cowboy Cabaret and he and Dave Gerard manned the sound system. The Ukulele Society entertained us with delightful western music, and we were treated to a rare performance by the S Curves: Sunrise, Sally, Sue and Sharon.
Special thanks also to Cindy Birkhimer, Jackie Eisenberg, Sandy Arndt, Renee Eidem, Sue Drover and Robert Archibald.  Alice’s Champagne Palace continues to be the perfect venue for this fundango, suppling food and ambiance. Until next year, happy trails.
Roberta Highland,
President KBEA

Arts camp thanks
I would like to thank the Homer Council on the Arts for the generous scholarship I was awarded in order to attend Sitka Fine Arts Camp this summer. The scholarship was a great help to my family, as well as a great charity from HCOA. I am very excited to be able to participate in this camp that has touched the lives of so many of Homer’s students already.
Sydney Paulino

Grant takes Flex to sea
Homer Flex students and staff thank the Homer Foundation for the grant given to us from the Homer Incentive Trust Donor-advised Fund. The money supported students on a two-day field trip to Yukon Island and Kasitsna Bay Lab as part of a unit on nature literacy in their science and language arts classes. Students learned to kayak through a tour with True North Kayak Adventures around Yukon Island.
At Kasitsna Bay Lab, students built underwater remote-operated vehicles, learning about robotics in the marine world. There were also several nature hikes, fostering an appreciation of the natural world around us.
We would never have been able to afford this valuable learning experience without the continued support through the Homer Foundation and the Homer Incentive Trust Fund. With great thanks,
Homer Flex students and staff

Donors support clean up
This summer, I have already gone across the Bay with HoWL to rock climb and paddle board, and to do trail work at Left Beach in Kachemak Bay Sate Park. Later this summer, I am looking forward to going on a five-day hiking trip in the back country and doing more trail work.
HoWL’s scholarship program is called DiRtBaG, for Discount Rates to Boys and Girls. We pick up trash all around town and collect donations and pledges from businesses and individuals. Thanks to the support of HoWL’s sponsors, kids like me can go on some of the different fun trips that HoWL offers.
Thanks again to everyone who donated and made these trips possible.
Avram Salzmann

Music support applauded
On behalf of Pier One Theatre and the nearly 180 participants of last month’s Brahms Requiem, I want to publically thank the many individuals and organizations who supported this wonderful community endeavor.
To list them all here would be outside of the scope of such a letter. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to thank a music education fund in memory of Renda Horn, as well as the David and Mary Schroer Fund for their generous and needed financial support. Both are managed by the Homer Foundation.
We are also grateful to: John Luzzadder Graphic Design for the beautiful program; Christ Lutheran Church of Soldotna, Ninilchik Fairgrounds and Homer High School for rehearsal space. Additional thanks to The Homer Bookstore and River City Books for once again providing a wonderful community service as ticket outlets.
On a personal note, I am particularly grateful for the immeasurable and tireless efforts of Laura and Peter Norton, JulieAnn Smith, Maria Allison, Kyle Schneider and Lance and Barbara Petersen.
This was a very meaningful project for me personally, and it simply would not have been possible without the incredible efforts of the people mentioned above, the sacrifice of time and energy by all the participants (members of the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra, the Kenai Peninsula Community Chorus, and the Homer High School Concert Choir), and the work of many, many volunteers.  Thank you all.
Mark Robinson

Thanks for the scholarship
I would like to thank the Homer Foundation for awarding me the Kachemak Bay Medical Scholarship. I am honored to be selected as one of the recipients.
This scholarship will go toward my education this fall at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I feel so fortunate to be part of such a generous and supportive community and am privileged to represent the community of Homer in my future endeavors. Thank you very much
Lydia Arndt

HoWLing appreciation
HoWL would like to express our sincerest gratitude toward the Alaska Community Foundation for their generous contribution to our fund-raising development project.
The goal of this program is to make HoWL financially sustainable throughout the year and subsequently for many years to come. Financial sustainability will allow HoWL to introduce new winter courses and expand on our already awesome summer courses, allowing us to provide year-round courses to all kids on the Kenai Peninsula and beyond.
This ability to offer winter courses will provide Alaska youth with cold-weather survival skills that can be employed on backcountry adventures or front-country emergencies.
Thanks again to the Alaska Community Foundation for making HoWL’s growth possible by helping us create a solid Fundraising Plan.
Libby Veasey
Executive and Programs Director, HoWL

Don’t miss ‘Up’
Try not to miss Pier One’s quirky season-opening production of the laconically-titled “Up” if you can at all manage to make it part of your weekend plans. “up” is playwright Bridget Carpenter’s follow-up on erstwhile inventor Walter Griffin’s 1982 flying lawn chair stunt If you hadn’t been born yet when walter took to the skies of southern California in a four-dollar aluminum lawn chair tied to 42 helium filled weather balloons, riding for four hours at 15,000 feet and landing safely dangling from a power line, it’s something you should know about. It’s part of a history which is so peculiarly American you can only shake your head in wonder.
Playwright Bridget Carpenter picks up Walter’s story 16 years after his four hours and fifteen minutes of fame, weaving an imaginary family drama around a stubborn man’s difficulty in returning to earth after touching the ski under his own wildly fearless terms. By turns poignant, pathetic and comical, the piece deftly explores family dynamics and the coming of age of Walter’s son, Mikey, who longs to step in and become the provider his dad has been unable to become in spite of his endlessly creative urge.
Once opening-night rough spots have been smoothed out, the excellent cast will no doubt offer some truly unforgettable moments and life lessons to Pier One devotees. Christy Russ’s pantomime dinner party performance alone wis worth the price of the ticket – so much said with a word being spoken!
Carol R. Dee

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