ENSTAR pipeline construction in Homer continues

• Pipeline construction update

Photo provided - Chumley, Inc. crews work on the pipeline construction along the Stering Highway.

Photo provided - Chumley, Inc. crews work on the pipeline construction along the Stering Highway.

Homer Trunk Line:
Chumley Inc. pipeline crews are continuing to work north along Old Sterling Highway toward Anchor Point, with a second trenching crew completing the open trench portion on Fairview Avenue.
Directional drilling crews will concentrate along Fairview Avenue and Eric Lane early this week, before moving back out to Old Sterling Highway and eventually Homer hill.
The second drilling crew is scheduled to move to Dibble Creek after completing the remaining bores along Fairview Avenue. Pipe-fusing crews will be working along Fairview Avenue, preparing that section’s pipe for directional drilling, as well as on Old Sterling Highway. Pipeline tie-in crews will be working on both Homer hill and Old Sterling Highway.

Homer Distribution:
Crews from Utilities Technology Inc. will be working in the Forest Glen area and out to Hillside and Jennifer Place later in the week. Additional crews will be working in the Cityview area and along Wattle Street, Crittenden, and Hidden Way.
Later this week, another crew is scheduled to begin the installation of a 4-inch distribution main along Sterling Highway beginning at West Hill Rd. and working toward town. Hydro-seeding of the areas in Homer where pipe has been installed is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

Kachemak City Distribution:
Crews from Clark Management are scheduled to begin installation of 2-inch distribution mains and service lines later this week. Their efforts will concentrate on the North side of East End Road out along the eastern edge of that project near Seaview and Morningstar.
Later in the week they will move into Allen on the south side of East End Road.

As always, motorists are requested to slow down and be mindful of traffic control signs that are posted in active work areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

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