Alaskans for Property Tax Relief Now

By James Price


Thirteen local borough residents have cosponsored a ballot initiative to increase our Borough’s “Residential Real Property Tax Exemption.” The current rate of exemption is set at $20,000.  This ballot initiative, if successfully executed and approved by voters, will increase our local exemption to $50,000. This initiative will reduce property taxes for local homeowners.
The authority for this property tax reduction was made possible by a statewide ballot initiative passed during the August 28, 2012 Primary Election.  The statewide ballot issue approved by voters was “Measure No. 1, (09RPEA), An Act Increasing the Maximum Residential Property Exemption and Providing for Annual Adjustments.”
This initiative was overwhelmingly supported by local voters of the Kenai Peninsula Borough in the 2012 Primary Election.
Local voters from District 28 passed this measure in each of its 10 precincts of the Primary Election. Local voters from District 29 passed this measure in each of its six precincts of the Primary Election. Local voters from District 30 passed this measure in 10 of its 11 precincts of the Primary Election (the measure failed by only five votes in the Seldovia precinct).
This initiative will authorize and enact an increased measure of property tax relief and encourage home ownership by borough residents by providing tax relief for the benefit of full-time residential homeowners of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
This ballot initiative was filed at the Borough Clerk’s office on June 14, and the petition booklets for voter approval were released for signature collection on June 21.
I collected signatures for the statewide initiative to place this issue before all statewide voters. One of the claims I made while petitioning, was that if our Borough Assembly failed to enact this tax relief, we would work to bring this issue before the voters through the local initiative process. Well, here we are.
Our initiative committee is very grateful for the Borough Clerk’s expedited approval and printing of the initiative booklets required to place this issue before Borough voters.
A total of only 997 qualified signatures are required to put this question before voters, due to the low voter turnout in the last 2012 General Borough election.
It’s our hope that our cosponsors and other supportive volunteers can contribute the necessary time and resources during our busy summer season to gather the necessary signatures during the short time before the July 24 deadline, in order to qualify for ballot access in the 2013 General Borough Election.
If anyone would like to be part of this effort to place this issue before the voters prior to our July 24 deadline, please call James Price at 776-3481.

James Price, cosponsor for Alaskans for Property Tax Relief Now at: (907) 776-3481 or email

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