Sports Briefs – May 29

Four yachts race for Sourdough Cup
The Homer Yacht Club changed the meeting and start time to an hour later for their second sail race, the Sourdough Cup, on Saturday, May 25, with the hope of catching better winds. They met at noon and started the race at 2 p.m.
It seems to have worked. Arctica Captain Craig Forrest said, “It was a gloriously beautiful day to sail.  The winds were fairly steady south west just a bit on the high side about 15 knots. We had an absolute blast.”
The finish order was: Arctica, 1:42:34; Dolphin,1:56:05; Morning Star 2:25:21 and Thetis, 2:40:02. Nerus started the race, but did not finish.
The 10.2 nautical mile course traveled from the deep water dock, around the green can (that marks a shoal west of the Spit), around Gull Island, around the black barge anchored in Mud Bay and back to the deep water dock.
Rick Foster captains the Dolphin, Ron Downing the Morning Star and Don Ball the Thetis.

Youth shine at Hershey Track Meet
A number of Homer youth turned out Saturday to compete in the annual Hershey Track and Field Meet at Homer High School’s new track.
City of Homer Recreation Coordinator Mike Illg organized the event, which offers competition in a variety of events.
In the boys’ 9-10-year-old competition, Ty Etzwiler turned in the top scores in three events, including the softball throw, and the 50 and 100-meter sprints.
Sawyer Lowe scored highest in the long jump.
For girls, Rachel Bolin dominated, with top finishes in the long jump, 50m and 400m.
For 11-12-year-old boys, Clark Bolin took the long jump, 100m and 200m runs. Ethan Pitzman placed first in both the 400 and 800m, while Dakota Harris outdistanced his closest competitor in the softball throw by nearly 23 feet.
Ellie Smith took the top spot in the 200 and 400m girls events for 11-12-year-olds.
Logan Harris finished first in the long jump, softball throw and 200m run among 13-14-year-old boys. Taylor Carlos sprinted to first in the 100m.

Hershey Track and Field Meet Results
9-10-year-old boys
Long Jump: Sawyer Lowe, 5’5.5; Tim Hatfield, 5’; Owen Pitzman, 4’7.5.
Softball Throw: Ty Etzwiler, 96’9”; Kazden Stineff, 93’1”; Sawyer Lowe, 63’3”; Tim Hatfield, 60’11”; Sam Hambrick, 47’11”; Owen Pitzman, 46’11.”
50m: Ty Etzwiler, 8.37; Sawyer Lowe, 8.58; Tim Hatfield, 8.96.
100m: Ty Etzwiler, 18:75.
400m: Owen Pitzman, 1:41

9-10-year-old girls
Long jump: Rachel Bolin, 5’4”; Aspen Etzwiler, 4’6.”
50m: Rachel Bolin, 8.43 seconds; Aspen Etzwiler, 9.18.
400m: Rachel Bolin, 1:31.21; Aspen Etzwiler, 1:52.21.

11-12-year-old boys
800m: Ethan Pitzman, 3:09.38; Peter Syth 3:14.
Long jump: Clark Bolin, 6’10”; Lee Lowe, 5’7.”
Softball throw: Dakota Harris, 123’4”; Gage Harris, 100’10”; Ethan Pitzman, 93’5”; PJ Grimard, 77’10”; Peter Syth, 70’8.”
100m: Clark Bolin, 14.21; Lee Lowe, 15.31, PJ Grimard, 16.81; Gage Harris, 17.03.
200m: Clark Bolin, 29.15; Lee Lowe, 32.3; Dakota Harris, 33.2; Gage Harris, 35.55; PJ Grimard, 44.87.
400m: Ethan Pitzman, 1:20; Dakota Harris, 1:23; Peter Syth, 1:28.

11-12-year-old girls
Softball throw: Ellie Syth, 68’5.”
200m: Ellie Syth, 40.96; Aspen Etzwiler, 48.33.
400m: Ellie Syth, 1:38.18

13-14-year-old boys
200m: Logan Harris, 29.73.
Long jump: Logan Harris, 7ft, .25 in; Taylor Carlos, 4 ft, 11in.
Softball throw: Logan Harris, 144’10”; Taylor Carlos, 97’2.”
100m: Taylor Carlos, 19.10.

Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby – May 27
There has been no real action on the Derby board this week. Organizer Paula Frisinger said a few tagged fish from previous years have been landed, but more 2013 tagged fish have yet to be landed.
JACKPOT LEADER: 10 lbs., caught by Janet Baldauf of Homer on May 19. Baldauf was fishing with Captain Pete Wedin aboard the F/V Julia Lynn.
2013 Tagged Fish Winner: Janet Baldauf of Homer, caught May 19, (No. 1649) on Captain Pete’s Alaskan Experience.

Last week’s story on Homer High School’s performance at the State Track Meet should have included freshman Aurora Waclawski’s second-place finish in the 800-meter event. Her finish was inadvertently omitted from the meet’s official results.

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