Lose a dock? It washed ashore at China Poot

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Alaskan coastal communities have seen strange things come in with the tide in the two years since the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake in March 2011 – soccer balls, slabs of roof, buoys as large as Mac truck tires.
Among the strong winter storm damage in Kachemak Bay is a lone dock that likely broke lose and rode the currents out of Peterson Bay – this one not related to tsunami debris.
This substantial and reportedly well manufactured dock floated into China Poot Bay this winter, and its finders are hoping to reunite it back to its owners.

George Reising, a winter caretaker at the Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, described the dock as 32-by-8 feet, built of plastic coated floatation material and treated timbers on top.
“It washed in this winter in December and we tied it off on a high tide,” Reising said Friday morning. Now that summer residents will be returning to the area, he sought help from the Homer Police since it’s a good time to get the word out to its owners, he said.
Homer Police put out an announcement on the police log to let the public know about the found dock.
“That’s a good sized chunk of dock and a high quality one. It’s probably worth a good amount,” said Homer Police Chief Mark Robl. “Based on where it was found and the currents involved it probably came from Peterson Bay. Many of those are summer residents and the owners might not know of it.”
Both Reising and the police chief want to get the word out so that as the residents return, usually on Memorial Day weekend later this month, they can come get the dock. For more information, call the police at 235-3150 or Reising at 235-8910.
Currently the dock is tied by Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge, located on an isthmus between China Poot and Peterson Bay.

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  1. Nancy E. McWilliams says:

    7 May 13

    We lost a section of float, auctioned off from Cordova 8+ yrs ago. The description in this story makes me think what has been found is not what we lost. Probably, if our float, it would not look as current as the one described in this article. However, if there are questions, please call Pete Andersen Sr, in Anchorage, 907-602-7405.

    FYI, n

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