Go on vacation, in your backyard

With Homer smelling a little sweeter now than it did just a few weeks ago, it’s a sure sign that summer is just around the corner – despite the cold weather, snow flurries, hail and rain.
I think of summer here as if I was on vacation. After all, it lasts about the same length of time – maybe 2-3 weeks. And, while it’s certainly easy to take all Homer has to offer for granted, what if you decided to wake up everyday and think, “I’m on vacation.” You might just find yourself enjoying the Cosmic Hamlet summer to its fullest.
After work (don’t forget to go to work or you’ll be on a permanent vacation) set aside a little time to take a holiday. Put on some shorts and go for a walk, or barbecue in your flip flops and wear a Hawaiian shirt. Sit on the grass with a beach towel or go for a walk with your sweetheart, strolling hand-in-hand on Kachemak Bay’s sandy shores. Enjoy a meal on the deck of your favorite restaurant.
It really doesn’t matter what you do, it’s all about your frame of mind. Many people have pinched and scraped and saved their pennies all year to come for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Homer. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get here, as you already live in one of the “1,000 things to do before you Die” locations.
Be a tourist in your own town. Check out the Homer Visitor’s Guide for things to do. Going across Kachemak Bay for a challenging and awe-inspiring hike is certainly an adventure, but there are also several wonderful trails on this side of the Bay that are very family friendly. Go sightseeing, kayaking, hiking, beachcombing, fishing, boating, sunbathing, swimming or attend a play at Pier One Theatre on the Spit.
Thanks to a consistently strong community theater group, Pier One has been putting on original plays since 1973. They present just about every kind of show you might be interested in, including serious dramas, musicals and comedies that all feature local actors.
The square, red building on the Homer Spit is a landmark, though it often looks abandoned most of the year. Recently, it attracted the eye of the city council, who, at Monday night’s worksession, spoke of making changes to the permitted uses in the Marine Commercial District. Those changes could include relocating the theatre.
Pier One Theatre has a lot of friends, and I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with their fan base. In fact, I quote one fan’s ominous warning after hearing the discussion, “They better not mess with Pier One!”
Currently, Pier One has a 4-year lease with the city, so there is plenty of time to consider options. Personally, the idea of having more recreational options on the Homer Spit in the summer appeals to me. The city might make more money if it used the area for barges, but it’s good to have a balance of uses and tourist-related options.
The Shorebird Festival gave us a hint of things to come. It was great to see visitors come to town and enjoy what Homer has to offer. By Sunday, it was all over and we were back to the familiar Homer faces with a sigh of relief.
But, Memorial Day weekend is just a few short weeks away, and the tourists will be back. They’ll be back to enjoy what Homer has to offer — and spend their money. Let’s be patient, kind and helpful to our summer visitors. After all, wouldn’t you appreciate the same if you visited their hometown?

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