Equestrian Society hosts varied entertainment

• Cowboy Cabaret raises $8,000 toward horsepark purchase
By Randi Somers
Homer Tribune

HOMER TRIBUNE/Randi Somers - Homer Ukulele Society (HUG) performed for almost two hours at the start of the show. They are Sunrise Kilcher, Tim Quinn, Daniel Wysocki, Michael Murray, Jim Hornaday, Deb Schmidt, Olga von Ziegesar and Gayle Claus.

An enthusiastic and appreciative crowd packed Alice’s Champagne Palace on Saturday night to enjoy the music, stories and poetry presented by numerous performers for the sixth-annual Cowboy Cabaret.
The show started with a two-hour “concert” by the Homer Ukulele Society. Singing and playing mostly familiar country songs were Sunrise Kilcher, Tim Quinn, Daniel Wysocki, Michael Murray, Jim Hornaday, Deb Schmidt, Olga von Ziegesar and Gayle Claus.
Presented by the Equestrian Society, the show (and silent and live auctions), raised approximately $8,000 toward the $40,000 left of the note for the purchase of the Cottonwood Horse Park. The facility is a multi-use park on the downhill side of East End Road at mile 1.5. Equestrian Society president, Roberta Highland said the society’s next payment of $30,000 is due June 1.
The other group that was pre-booked for the show, the S-Curves, Sally Wills, Sharon Schultz, Sue Butler and Sunrise Kilcher (hence the name “S-Curves”) performed more country songs.
Then, volunteers took the stage, one at a time, to recite their poems and sing. Tim Quinn read Atz Kilcher’s poem, “Up at Five,” because Atz was stuck somewhere at the head of the Bay beyond a flooded river with his herd of cattle. Interestingly. the poem was about the challenges of herding cattle at the head of the Bay.
Bruce Willard recited the poem, “The Old Hound,” and Milli Martin told a story in poetry form about acquiring a horse named “ReadyGo” to keep her “Rebel” company. Dave Girard played and sang about love south of the border, accompanied by Sunrise and Tim. Then, three of the ukulele team, Sunrise, Sharon Shultz and Tim Quinn sang “Cheatin’ Heart,” “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” and several more westerns.
Floyd Seekins, accompanying himself on guitar, sang “The Fightin’ Side of Me,” while Troy Jones recited “Pert Near Perkins” and Emcee Mark Marette recited a selection of his own poems. Several performers added aonther song or poem at the end of the show.
Opening day festivities for the Cottonwood Horse Park begin at noon on May 27. Activities include mounted and unmounted horse demonstrations, games, food (chili and cornbread), face painting and prizes. There is no admission charge.

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