Community News – May 15

Clean up day spirits high despite snow

Homer Clean up Day May 4 began with a fresh coat of snow on the ground. “Waking up to see the snow made me have my doubts, but with the help of so many volunteers, we were barbecuing in the snow in no time!” said Visitor Center Manager Maya Rourke. “It was great to see the amount of dedication and discipline we received from the younger Homer generation and the determined HOWL participants. They understand the importance of keeping our community clean, and I’ve been told some of them have continued cleaning up Homer even tho the event itself has passed.”
Rourke said that with everyone’s help, they were able to clean up areas on East End Road, Ocean Drive, Kachemak Drive, Pennock Street, East Hill Road, Skyline Drive, West Hill Road, Bay Crest Hill, Sabrina, Rochelle, and many more.

Improv acting class offered

Martin Zeller is holding a one-day, five-hour improvisational acting class at the Art Barn at 1060 East End Road this Saturday May 18 starting at 9:30 a.m.
“It’s open to anyone who wants to explore and play with theatre improvisation. Seven or eight have registered so far, the optimal number would be 10 to 12,” he said. “Probably 14 would be the youngest and 98 is the top age limit.”
“I expect and hope to find 3 or 4 who will do a performance over the course of the summer,” he added.
“Improv is like jumping off a cliff and designing your wings or parachute on the way down,” he said. Actors take suggestions from the audience and create the play as they go, responding to each other’s lines. He coaches the students to not make it too easy or to difficult for their fellow actors as they come up with impromptu lines.
“Ready, fire, aim,” is his summary.
Since 1985, Zeller has been teaching and performing improv acting here and in Washington state. Many times, his students have presented improvisational plays to the public after a few days of practice. They introduce, explore and expand the skills of improvisational acting …”using play, humor, exercise and games, learning the elements of long and short form improv theatre and comedy, applying their creativity, spontaneity, listening and trust to build characters and stories,” Zeller said in a recent interview.
The charge for this five-hour workshop is $40 per student. For more information and to register call Zeller 235-6589 or (509) 294-0451.

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