Woman arrested in bank burglary at Alaska USA

Tribune staff
A Homer woman was arrested on federal burglary charges after security cameras picked her up walking around inside the AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union early Friday morning.
Sierra Marie Steen, 23, was charged with second-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief, third-degree theft and resisting arrest. Since money is locked away at night in the bank’s vault, no money is believed to be missing, according to police. The suspect was caught with a $1 bill in an envelope addressed to bank staff, along with business cards and an AlaskaUSA Credit Union 2013 calendar.
Homer Police received the call at 1:44 a.m. April 5 that a security motion alarm was activated at the credit union on the Sterling Highway. Security personal told police they could view the footage from the security cameras and observed a female in the building wearing a black hoodie with her hood up.
Officers found the glass door inside the building that separated the bank portion from the mortgage side of the building was broken. More officers arrived to set up a perimeter around the building while waiting for a key holder from the bank to arrive. A broken window was also found at the back of the building.
The woman allegedly attempted to exit the building from the eastern door. Officer Ed Stading gave a command for the suspect to stop and show her hands, but she turned and ran away, according to the police affidavit.
When stopped the defendant “turtled up” by tucking her right hand under her body. Police tased her with a drive stun on her upper back and the woman then produced her hands for handcuffing.
Police recovered a staple remover from her pocket, a calendar with the bank’s logo on it and business cards from the staff. They report the woman smelled of alcohol and exhibited slurred speech.
Officers remained at the Credit Union property and waited for bank personnel to arrive. During a walk-through, several drawers had been riffled and others were forced open. Damage to the building was estimated at about $500, but no cash was taken.
By the broken window, police found a large rock and blood smeared on a wall nearby. The suspect admitted to being inside the building, but denied breaking the windows. Parts of the case are still under investigation, said Police Chief Mark Robl. It is not clear whether the woman was working alone or with an accomplice.
Steen has two previous convictions for theft in the past five years. She currently is on felony probation for second-degree theft.

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