Popeyes pick up 14 medals at Tri-Valley Tournament

• Wrestler Wayne Newman goes undefeated in seven matches
By Sean Pearson
Homer Tribune

Popeye wrestler Wayne Newman went undefeated over the weekend, hauling in seven wins and two championship titles at the Tri-Valley Wrestling Club’s Freestyle and Greco competitions. Newman placed first in both tournaments in the Novice 84-80-pound weight class. Six of his seven wins were by fall.
Popeye sent a total of 18 young wrestlers to Palmer to compete in the Tri-Valley tournaments. The Popeye brought home 14 medals from the two tournaments. 
After losing his very first match in the Tri-Valley Wrestling Club, Austin Shafford beat his next three opponents to place second in the Novice 81-85-pound weight division. Jared Brant also placed second in his Cadet 97-105-pound division, while Brendon Fenex, Ravi Cavasos and Austin McGregor each placed third in their respective weight categories.
In Saturday’s Greco Tournament, Teddy Croft went 2-1 to place second in the Schoolboy 108-115 division. Other second-place finishers included Tristen Cook and William Roth. The Popeye Club also got third-place finishes from Kyle Wells, Jadzia Martin and Cavasos.

Tri-Valley WC Freestyle Tournament

Results for Popeye Wrestling Club

Novice 81-85 pounds: 2. Austin Shafford

Martin (Avalanche) over Shafford, Dec 7-1, 5-3

Shafford over Binning (Mid-Valley) Fall 0:53

Shafford over Jakiemiec (Tri-Valley) TF 7-0, 7-0

Shafford over Elvsaas (Arctic Warriors) Fall 5-4, 0:44

Novice 84-90 lbs: 1. Wayne Newman

Newman over Lynch (Arctic Warriors) Fall 6-0, 1:00

Newman over Schwecke (Soldotna) Fall 1:04

Newman over Mendoza (Anchorage) Fall 1:08

Newman over Thacker (Mid-Valley) TF 3-4, 6-0, 7-0

Schoolboy 89-95 lbs:
Luciano Fasulo over Urbano (Tri-Val) 6-2, 0-6, 10-7

Harris (Anch) over Fasulo, TF 1-6, 7-5, 8-0

Bianchi (Anch) over Fasulo, Dec 6-0, 3-2

Schoolboy 108-115 lbs:
Teddy Croft over Ritter (Warriors) Fall 6-0, 1:24

Croft over Reeves (Matsu) Fall 1:03

Hopkins (Tri-Valley) over Croft, Dec 3-1, 1-0

Bockman (Battle Cats) over Croft, Dec 4-2, 3-2

Schoolboy/girl 116-122 lbs:
Kyle Wells over Heppe (Anch) TF 6-0, 8-0

Steele (Battle Cats) over Wells, Fall 0:59

Wells over Gamble (Tri-Valley) Fall 5-6, 6-8, 1:57

Elvsaas (Arctic Warriors) over Wells, Fall 0:44

Schoolboy/girl 152-160: 3. Brendon Fenex

Fenex over Rice (Kenai) Fall 1:08

Fenex over Rodriguez (Anch.) Fall 0:42
Farris (Matsu) over Fenex, Fall 1:51

Cole (Arctic Warriors) over Fenex, Fall 3-6, 0:41

Cadet 97-105: 2. Jared Brant

Brant over Divelbiss (Anch) TF 7-0, 5-5, 6-0

Lema (Anch) over Brant, Fall 1-5, 1:19

Brant over Enyart (Battle Cats) Dec 8-0, 4-0

Cadet 113-122: 3. Ravi Cavasos

Glover (Avalanche) over Cavasos, TF 6-0, 6-0

Cavasos over Lynch (Arctic Warriors) Fall 1:30

Sanders (Matsu) over Cavasos, Fall 5-2, 0:55

Cadet 137-145: 3. Austin McGregor

Fannon (Mid-Valley) over McGregor, Fall 6-1, 1:44
McGregor over Fichtner (Warriors) Fall 6-0, 1:50

McGregor over Kennedy (Independent) DQ 

Knoblock (Avalanche) over McGregor, FF

Tri-Valley WC Greco Tournament

Results for Popeye Wrestling Club

Novice 84-88: 1. Wayne Newman

Newman over Mendoza (Anch.) TF 7-0, 9-0

Newman over Sasser (Tri-Valley) Fall 7-0, 0-2, 0:15

Newman over Cox (Nikiski) Dec 3-2, 4-1

Schoolboy/girl 111-116: 2. Teddy Croft

Shepersky (Icemen) over Croft, Fall 2-5, 1:44

Croft over Lautrup (Tri-Valley) Fall 1:01

Croft over Reeves (Matsu) Fall 0:43

Schoolboy/girl 116-120: 3. Kyle Wells

Wells over Finau (Copper Valley) Fall 0:44

Johnson (Battle Cats) over Wells, Fall 6-0, 1:34

Newland (Arctic Warriors) over Wells, Fall 1:26

Schoolboy/girl 122-124: 2. Tristen Cook

Nash (Tri-Valley) over Cook, Fall 1:15

Cook over Perkins (Battle Cats) Fall 1-4, 6-2, 1:13

Cadet 102-110: 3. Jadzia Martin

Hoffman (Battle Cats) over Martin, TF 6-0, 6-0

Martin over Conrad (Matsu) TF 5-6, 7-0, 6-0

Lema (Anch) over Martin, Dec 6-2, 5-4

Cadet 122-126: 3. Ravi Cavasos

Edwards (Chugach) over Cavasos, Dec 0-1, 1-0, 2-1

Cavasos over Jackson (Arctic Warriors) Fall 0:38
Sanders (Matsu) over Cavasos, Dec 7-0, 4-1

Junior 125-133: 2. William Roth

Roth over Everitt (Kenai) Fall 4-7, 1:46
Molesky (Matsu) over Roth, Fall 0:46

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