Marine conservation council thanks Sen. Micciche for by-catch support

The Alaska Marine Conservation Council is applauding Sen. Peter Micciche and other co-sponsors and members of the Alaska Senate for passing Senate Resolution 5.
The resolution encourages fishery managers to lower limits on Chinook by-catch in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea, and supports increased coverage by fishery observers to obtain accurate estimates on by-catch. It passed with 18 yeas and no opposition.
“On behalf of our organization and members across the state that depend on healthy Chinook salmon stocks, we thank Senator Micciche, other co-sponsors and the Senate for their leadership in reducing by-catch.
SR 5 is an important statement from our legislature that fishery managers must go further to reduce waste of our valuable king salmon,” said Kelly Harrell, Executive Director of AMCC.
Sen. Micciche from Senate District O that includes the Kenai Peninsula was the original sponsor of the by-catch resolution and shepherded it through the Senate.
Other co-sponsors of the resolution included Senators French, Coghill, Fairclough, Bishop, Egan, Olson, Dunleavy, Dyson, Wielechowski, Gardner, Giessel, Meyer, and Ellis.
“Ensuring healthy king salmon runs is a matter of vital importance to our state, our communities, commercial and sport fishermen, and subsistence harvesters. At a time of low abundance, it has been clear we have to do what is in our power to give our kings a fighting chance. Ratcheting down by-catch limits in trawl fisheries is one action we can take now to support the health of our Chinook runs that we depend on,” said Pete Wedin, organizer for AMCC and a charter boat operator out of Homer.
A similar resolution (HR 6) that was moving through the House and was sponsored by Rep. Paul Seaton from Homer was withdrawn last week. Rep. Stoltze introduced an amendment that was counter to the intentions of the resolution and led Seaton to pull HR 6 from consideration.
“We sincerely hope members of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council heed this call from the Alaska Senate, as well as letters from the Bush caucus, several Board of Fish Advisory Committees, the Kenai Peninsula Borough, and numerous fishing organizations, fishermen and residents who are all calling on them to further reign in bycatch,” added Harrell.
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will be taking up the first-ever cap on Gulf of Alaska Chinook salmon by-catch in non-pollock fisheries at their meeting in Juneau in June.

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  1. Pete Wedin says:

    It should be noted that Rep. Paul Seaton did the heavy lifting on this issue in the House Special Committee on Fisheries. There were three hearings and plenty of presentations from the trawl industry, conservation groups, and fishermen concerned with the decline in Chinook salmon abundance. It was unfortunate that the members of the House of Representatives were unable to vote on HR6, but the amendment that was introduced had no place in this particular debate. Members of the House Bush Caucus, which Rep. Seaton is a member of, did send a very good letter to the North Council requesting they work to reduce bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska. Hopefully, other members of the House will follow suit.

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