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Sweet Alaska

Photo by Alana Campbell

Photo by Alana Campbell

On Thursday, Sierra Hargett completed a project on major land forms. A Homer Flex student, she opted to make a cake of Alaska that showed many of its mapping features. Hargett spent nine hours baking and creating the cake, going above and beyond in her vision.

Annual Sandhill Cranes migration complete

The Sandhill Cranes started arriving in earnest, just in time to dance for Earth Day on Monday. A report of 200 in two big Vs was reported by Otto Kilcher at 9 a.m. The cranes were flying high toward town, but most likely high flyers headed north. Some local pairs have also come in on Monday.
Artist Mavis Muller was graced by a pair in her field for 14 years each year returning on Earth Day, like clockwork. To collect data, Kachemak Crane Watch wants to hear public reports on the cranes. Call 235-6262 or write to They are especially interested in information about nesting pairs for the third year of the Nesting Ecology Study. Leave your name and number with the information.
The film, “Raising Kid Colt,” will show at the Pratt Museum 11 a.m.-noon, May 10.  From feather painting to nest building to becoming a family of three, this footage reveals an intimate look at the daily lives of Sandhill Cranes teaching their chick to survive in Homer. It will be presented by Kachemak Crane Watch and the program will include a slide presentation by Nina Faust.

Big Brothers-Big Sisters need clothes

Ready to clean out the closets and help winter on its way? Big Brothers-Big Sisters is having a clothing drive on May 4. They are offering a $50 prize for the most bags donated.
The organization that matches adult “bigs” with children “littles” is asking for donations of adult and children’s clothes, shoes, boots, purses, belts, bedding and towels. These items can be placed in the Red Bins at Ulmers or Safeway year round, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.
BBBS earns money for every thing the public donates. A tax deduction receipt will be provided if needed, or if you need a pickup.
For more information, call (907) 235-8397 or visit

Little Fireweed celebrates May Day

Little Fireweed Academy is extending a May Day celebration Dessert Challenge to Homer. Local businesses and creative bakers are designing May Day themed desserts and the Fireweed children will pick the winner. This is a fun way to showcase talent in the community. The desserts are donated in support of Fireweed and will then be auctioned off in a silent auction. Call or email if you would like any more information to Sarah Braund or 243-3668.

Kachemak Bay Birders to meet

Gearing up for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival May 9-12, there will be a regular meeting of the Kachemak Bay Birders at 4:30 p.m. April 29, at Islands and Ocean Visitor Center. Everyone is welcome and it is free.  For questions call Lani Raymond at 235-9477 or George Matz at 235-9344.

Kenai River broke at Soldotna Bridge

In the newly-created contest to see when the ice goes out on the Kenai River, the river went out at 5:29 p.m. on March 27 as the clock stopped on the trial run of the Kenai River Ice Classic. A 2-ton block of ice began its journey toward the Cook Inlet amongst the spring ice floe, tripping the timing mechanism established by the event officials. This was a beta test for the future competition.
The contest, to be held for the first time next year, will be open to ticket sales through a wide distribution system. “It was a great experience to see the river break up this year as we were trying to measure it with a mechanism,” said Marcus Mueller, president of the Soldotna Rotary Club.
“It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and warm. The river started to move and ducks were playing in the open water just upstream of the bridge. There was a lot of buzz once everyone saw that it was going to happen today,” said Sarah Riley of the Soldotna Rotary Club.
The Kenai and Soldotna Rotary Clubs joined together with Spenard Builders Supply and local officials to place a two-ton block of ice on the Kenai River just below the Soldotna Bridge on Match 27. “The block of ice stood for a while, then tipped over, at some point it got surrounded by overflow, and then finally the river ice let go.”

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