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Dedicated hard workers pulled off the South Peninsula Haven House award ceremony March 22.  Bravo to the staff of Haven House, its board of directors, and the Women of Distinction committee who produced a fun program.
I appreciate being honored with Ingrid Harrald, Katherine Dolma and Kris Holderied, all dedicated to science and altruism. Because I am 76 years old, and somewhat disabled, this “Woman of Wisdom” award boosted my spirits. It reminded me of good things I have done. Often, when I am ill or frustrated with the computer, it is easy to feel incompetent.    
Many wise women and men live in our community. If you are a reasonably healthy person under 65, acknowledge elders you know.  Dr. Walter Johnson, a wise Homer man, age 90, described a fact of the modern world: My generation is the first to face a diminished elder role. In the past, parents and grandparents taught youth how to navigate the world. It is young people who teach us how to use computers and cell phones.
Please consider asking elders that you know to tell you or show you something such as stories of their past, wood working, knitting, gardening, or whatever they know that interests you.  Let them teach you even when they require personal care. If you teach them things, be patient.
Haven House has an important role in empowering people, young or old. People naturally associate it with helping women victims. Note that South Peninsula Haven House serves any victim of domestic violence or sexual assault: child, teenager, man, or woman. Please encourage any victim you know to call 911 for the police or 235-7712 for Haven House, and do it as soon as possible after an assault.
Amy Bollenbach

Honor hospital visiting hours

It is important to all of us at South Peninsula Hospital that we provide a safe, comfortable environment in which to be cared for. And, we are proud to provide that for you locally, right here in the community, keeping you close to home and your loved ones. It is our goal that all who come to the hospital – both as a patient or a visitor – feel welcomed and safe here. 
In our request to the community to help us maintain a safe, healing environment, we respectfully ask that our visiting hours be honored whenever possible. Suggested visiting hours are 10 a.m.-8 p.m. in Acute Care, and 9 a.m.-8 p.m. in Long-Term Care.
Family visitation is encouraged to help with the healing process, and we understand there are times when visitation is necessary outside of the posted hours.  We are more than happy to accommodate those visits as necessary. All visitors arriving after 8 p.m. are expected to check in with the registrar or the security officer at the main entrance, regardless of how regular your visit might be. You may be asked to wear a name badge during your visit off hours. 
Please respect these efforts for improved safety and accountability at your community hospital, all in an effort to provide an even better environment for your loved ones to rest and heal.  Thank you for your continued support of South Peninsula Hospital.
Derotha Ferraro,

director of public relations


Funds help with water issues

The Kenai Peninsula Fair Association would like to express its gratitude to the Homer Foundation and, specifically, the Jenson Fund for their support.
For more than 30 years, we have been the main water source for Ninilchik Emergency Services. This fall, we discovered the water system had created a huge mold issue within our Chinook Bay. With the help of the Homer Foundation, we were able to reroute the water system and do the necessary mold abatement to bring our facility back on line.
Thank you, Homer Foundation and the Jenson Fund for helping the fair and ensuring that Ninilchik Emergency Services still had access to its primary water source.
Lara E. McGinnis,
Kenai Peninsula Fair manager
Fair Assoc. board of directors

Building a library for seniors

Homer Senior Center would like to give a huge thank you to Jolee Ellis and Katherine George for putting endless volunteer hours into transforming our library.
It is on its way to being a functioning library.  
Keren Kelley

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