Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon sees record turnout

• Homer skiers dominate a field of nearly 150 athletes
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Photo by Kaya Morelli - Homer skiers Megan Spurkland, Andre Lovett and Parker Sorenson emerge from the woods in Saturday’s Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon at Lookout Mountain Ski trails.

Photo by Kaya Morelli - Homer skiers Megan Spurkland, Andre Lovett and Parker Sorenson emerge from the woods in Saturday’s Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon at Lookout Mountain Ski trails.

After two stormy days, the weather cleared long enough for 146 happy skiers to complete the 2013 Kachemak Nordic Ski Marathon on Saturday. 
And the word is getting out Homer’s little local race, with this year’s participation increasing by about 40 percent over last year. Marathon organizers Richard and Marylou Burton said the majority of racers came from out of town. 
Traveling the furthest for the race was the Brown family, who came all the way from St. Paul, Minnesota for the express purpose of participating in the event. The Minnesota flatlanders also showed they have no problem skiing Homer’s hills, as they placed first, seventh and ninth in their race divisions.
According to the Burtons, the most popular event this year was the 25-kilometer tour, which attracted some 60 skiers. 
This is only the second year for the more relaxed tour event, which they say was designed to attract skiers who might not otherwise do the course or who just want to take it easy on their trip across the marathon trail. 

Top 10 skiers in each category were: 

25K Race/Women

1. Stacey Buckelew, Homer, 1 hour, 38 minutes, 43 seconds; 2. Jasmine Maurer, Homer, 1:40:33; 3. Lindsay Fagrelius, Kasilof, 1:43:43; 4. Karen Hopp, Palmer, 1:46:25; 5. Aurelie Barnel, Anchorage, 1:49:30; 6. Kathy Sarns, Homer, 1:51:39; 7. Karen Brown, St. Paul, 1:52:34; 8. Becky Hauser, Anchorage , 1:53:22; 9. Gabie Husman, Homer, 2:02:06; 10. Liz Butera, Anchorage, 2:02:46.

25K Race/Men

1. Andre Lovett, Homer, 1:22:17; 2. Michael Wise, Jr. Anchorage, 1:26:20; 3. Paul Butera, Anchorage, 1:31:18; 4. Dan Brokaw, Girdwood, 1:33:24; 5. Ray Robinson, Anchorage, 1:35:17; 6. Dan Libbey, Anchorage, 1:40:53; 7. Bill Spencer, Anchorage, 1:43:57; 8. David Spencer, Anchorage, 1:44:00; 9. Daniel Perry, Homer, 1:46:08; 10. Bob Butera, Anchorage, 1:51:10.

42K Race/Women

1. Megan Spurkland, Homer, 2:31:49; 2. Melissa Lewis, Fairbanks, 2:35:49; 3. Rachel Stier, Anchorage, 2:58:40; 4. Lia Siemons, Anchorage, 2:59:10; 5. Annie Ridgely, Homer, 3:18:13; 6. Jana Linfield, Anchorage, 3:19:20; 7. Heidi Zimmer, Anchorage, 3:20:38; 8. Danielle Jerry, Anchorage, 3:25:49; 9. Jenissa Budd-Amick, Anchorage, 3:36:01; 10.Margret Williams, Anchorage, 3:48:13.

42K Race/Men

1. Jake Brown, St. Paul, 2:09:53; 2. Jan Spurkland, Homer, 2:21:30; 3. Kent Peterson, Soldotna, 2:26:15; 4. Noah King, Kenai, 2:28:24; 5. Karl Volz, Anchorage, 2:35:37; 6. Dan Beutel, Anchorage, 2:45:48; 7. Scott Hauser, Anchorage, 2:46:17; 8. Baby Red Cheetah, Homer, 2:47:36; 9. Bill Brown, St. Paul, 2:47:55; 10. Steven Bergt, Anchorage, 2:49:00.
25K Tour/Women
1. Kaya Morelli, Homer 1:56:14; 2. Michelle Stenger, Fritz Creek, 2:06:19; 3. Kara Clemens, Homer, 2:18:46; 4. Jennifer Bando, Homer, 2:19:05; 5. Audrey Russell, Homer, 2:26:25; 6. Dorothy Childers, Anchorage, 2:26:28; 7. Riki Lebman, Anchorage, 2:29:04; 8. Carlin Rauch, Homer, 2:38:39; 9. Katia Holmes, Homer, 2:38:58; 10. Alison O’Hara, Homer, 2:39:00.

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