Woman receives sentence in murder case

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

The case involving the homicide of an Anchor Point man is making its way through the Alaska courts. An Anchorage woman pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced in Kenai to a charge of attempted tampering with physical evidence.
Nancie Modeste, 26, was charged in connection with the July 7, 2012 homicide of Homer resident Demian Sagerser. Attorneys negotiated a plea deal which gives Modeste a one-year jail sentence. According to evidence in the case gathered by investigators, Modeste was with the accused murderer, Demarqus Green, when he drove to Anchor Point and allegedly shot Sagerser.
Green, 20, is charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and first-degree robbery. Green is believed to have shot Sagerser while robbing him of marijuana. Green and his girlfriend, Modeste, were indicted on another charge of tampering with physical evidence for burning clothing and other evidence connected with the shooting.
The case against Green has not yet made its way through court.
More charges are facing Modeste ahead. When she was arrested in Anchorage on Sept. 5, drug enforcement investigators found three ounces of crack, scales and handguns.
In a six-page affidavit filed by the Alaska State Troopers, a long story leading to the murder unwinds in a tale of vengeance and drug dealing.
Cimmaron Tangman, the friend who found Sagerser dead at about 8 p.m. that night, was able to help with the investigation because he had spent the day leading up to the murder with Sagerser and knew the victim videotaped the activity at his cabin.
On July 7, Tangman spent the day shopping in Soldotna with Sagerser. When they returned to Anchor Point, Tangman unloaded sheetrock while Sagerser had visitors whom he told to leave. There were several mason jars of marijuana on his counter and coffee table, which Sagerser raised for sale. A couple of days prior to this, Sagerser borrowed Tangman’s iphone to send a text message and photo of himself with a bunch of marijuana to prove he had it, and he was trying to sell a quarter-pound for $1,200.
“The Anchorage person didn’t want to pay that much, saying he was a ‘big fish’ and wanted a better price,” the affidavit states.
Tangman left the house to get home, and returned a few hours later. There he found the door open, the marijuana missing and Sagerser dead with a bullet wound in this torso and another in his rib cage.
A few hours later, Tangman went to the Anchor Point Trooper station to report the murder-robbery and gave them the camera that had video-taped Sagerser’s murder.
When the troopers received search warrants, they went through the video tape footage and found the lone suspect. It verified the time line related by Tangman, showing the eight minutes of the suspect’s visit. The male was wearing a red jacket, red flat brimmed ball cap, baggy dark blue jeans and a red T-shirt.
Trooper investigation then focused on the cell number recorded in a call hours before Sagerser’s death. The phone belonged to Jimmy Stevenson, but was used by the suspect after it had been taken from Stevenson by Green, according to the investigation findings. Subscriber information showed the phone traveled from Anchorage to Sagerser’s residence and back to Soldotna where all data and voice connections with that number were terminated.
In Stevenson’s interview with the troopers, he said he had waited for Green in Soldotna. The next day, Green told Stevenson he went to buy some marijuana from someone and that person “disrespected him” and “he had to take care of business.”
While searching Modeste’s person after her arrest Sept. 5, investigators found three plastic bags containing numerous smaller baggies of crack and powder cocaine packaged for distribution, totaling 32.6 gross grams. In her vehicle, investigators found an additional 85.7 gross grams of crack and powder cocaine, scales, drug packaging materials, cutting agents and three handguns.
One of the handguns had been reported stolen to the Anchorage Police Department on Sept. 3. Another firearm had the serial number obliterated. Police say Modeste has a prior felony conviction and is prohibited from possessing a firearm. Modeste was remanded to Anchorage jail on the arrest warrant and additional charges of second, third and four-degree misconduct involving controlled substances. Three additional charges of misconduct involving weapons and second-degree theft were forwarded to the District Attorney’s office. A total of 118.3 gross grams (4.17 ounces) of cocaine were seized in this case with an estimated street value of $11,830.

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