Offering an open apology for tone of opinion

Bu Monte Davis

I was wrong, Not in what I said, but the way I said it. 
If you read carefully what I said (In reference to the Homer Tribune Point of View Feb. 6), you will see that I did not say one negative thing about farming or farmers. Indeed, I hold them in high regard. If I had not spoken so caustically, I would not have offended one of them to the point they felt the need to respond with a letter.
I apologize for that tone.
I still believe strongly in the points I made. What I am uncomfortable with is that I used language and attitude that was divisive and combative, instead of simply making those points. I was angry. I had even waited a few days after my initial anger to write. Apparently, it wasn’t long enough. 
I am new to being considered a “community leader.” In the past, when folks listened to what I had to say, it was through song and generally not about any kind of hot topic. I have a lot to learn about speaking from the pulpit. 
If I offended you with my opinion piece last week, I apologize. I will learn from this lesson to guard my words from my ego and emotions.
Don’t get me wrong. I believe it is very important to speak for folks who want to see jobs and prosperity continue to come to this community. I just want to be sure I make it a point of view, and not a rant. 
What I hope to engender is a community that actually discusses, instead of just cusses; that can share points of view without sounding like fundamentalists; that can sometimes just agree to disagree, without either glorifying or vilifying.
There are usually at least two perspectives on any issue, sometimes more. Let’s speak our minds and hearts, while also committing ourselves to really listening to each other. A quality community can be built on this solid foundation.

Monte Davis is executive director of the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.

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