Meth Suspect Arrested

• Clandestine meth lab found in downtown Homer

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Photo courtesy of Pete Fineo - Alaska State Troopers work with drug investigators to clear the streets of traffic due to a potential hazardous meth explosion.

Photo courtesy of Pete Fineo - Alaska State Troopers work with drug investigators to clear the streets of traffic due to a potential hazardous meth explosion.

A 26-year-old Homer man was arrested near the post office on Saturday for operating a meth lab in his car, prompting law enforcement to shut down the area for more than eight hours.
At about 2:46 p.m., Anchor Point based Alaska State Troopers performed a traffic stop at the intersection of the Homer Bypass and Waddell Way for a traffic violation.
In the course of the contact, Troopers found the driver of the vehicle, Timothy Igou, 26, of Homer, to be in possession of a personal use amount of methamphetamine. Upon further investigation, troopers found indications that Igou was operating a clandestine methamphetamine lab and producing methamphetamine in the vehicle, a silver 2000 Oldsmobile Alero.
It all started as a traffic stop until the Trooper David Chaffin observed the wood handle of a handgun in the front seat between the driver’s legs. He immediately asked Igou to exit the vehicle. In the course of a pat-down search, the trooper found a pipe that the suspect reportedly said he used to smoke meth.

Photo courtesy of Pete Fineo

Photo courtesy of Pete Fineo

Police say they have found meth labs operated in a small car area.
“A meth lab can fit in a backpack. Depending on what method of making meth a person uses, a lot of space is not required,” said Peters. “Troopers don’t want to provide any specifics on how labs are made or operate, but he did say that they can either be small enough to fit into a backpack or large enough to fill a whole garage. No two labs are the same.”
Due to the hazardous chemicals and volatility involved with clandestine methamphetamine production, the area of the traffic stop at Waddell Way, adjacent to the Homer Post Office, was closed from public access.
A search warrant for the vehicle was obtained and investigators from the Alaska Bureau of Investigation’s Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit responded to the scene. The investigators confirmed the presence of a clandestine methamphetamine lab in the vehicle.

Photo courtesy of Frank Holub

Photo courtesy of Frank Holub

Upon confirmation, the investigators were able to gather evidence and disassemble the lab. A Drug Enforcement Administration hazmat team responded to the Peninsula to collect and dispose of the hazardous materials from the lab.
The area was re-opened to public access at about 10 p.m. Igou was incarcerated at the Homer jail where he was held without bail on the charge of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the 4th degree for possession of methamphetamine. Additional charges pertaining to the lab are pending.

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6 Responses for “Meth Suspect Arrested”

  1. Albert Arakelian says:

    Albert Arakelian says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    February 28, 2013 at 7:15 am

    Once again the police prove that they are your biggest threat to your quality and pleasure of life by taking 8 hours of the public’s time for a non event. As a group , no one whines or snivels more than law enforcement ,always begging for more money and making up fantasy scenarios to scare the public. Terrorists never shut down roads in Alaska but you know who does. The fear mongers.

    • albert Eienstien says:

      That was an entirely foolish statement. One good wiff of methal alcohol (used to make meth) can blind a person. The same can happen through skin absorbtion. Thank you troopers for taking proper precautions; for your own saftey and ours.

    • K.S. says:

      Really Albert??? You’re complaining about a road closure in Homer for this reason? First of all…it’s not that hard to get around a closed area in Homer…it’s a small town. Secondly, I would rather have an 8 hour road closure than have this meth head on the streets. I hope they get more of them out there!
      City of Homer, lets quit complaining about and drilling rigs blocking the “view of the glacier” and plastic bags and lets focus more on the obvious drug problems this place has.

  2. Andi Flanagan says:

    Good! Get that crap off the streets. I want to move to Homer, but I have heard it is a meth-head heaven. I don’t want any involvement with that poison! Finding meth labs would be the only good reason for drones. That stuff is the scourge of the world. Get rid of it, Homer! I want to retire in peace.

    • Cubbug says:

      C’mon Andy. If you’re that paranoid, you must be terrified of drunk drivers while you’re on the road. Assuming you do drive. Do us all a favor and stay where you are. Or do your nieghbors a favor and move to the desert. There’s enough nuts in Homer without you skipping in too.

    • Homer Person says:

      Homer doesn’t need more retirees…..and there is way more meth up the road than in Homer.

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