We need to ask, ‘Is it a life?’

By Eileen Becker
Jan. 22 commemorates the 40th anniversary of a notorious decision passed down by the Supreme Court of the United States.
Roe vs. Wade was followed by Doe vs. Bolton, allowing abortions to be legally performed at any stage of a pregnancy. A demonstration march of more than 250,000 people is scheduled for Jan. 22 in Washington D.C. The annual March for Life will probably receive little or no coverage by the mainstream media.
The original case of Roe vs. Wade was based on lies given to justify the need for this procedure. The first lie was the false testimony given by Jane Roe (real name Norma McCorvey) of being raped. The second was the erroneous information that back-alley abortions were the cause of thousands of women’s deaths.
Since the case took several years to be heard by the Supreme Court, McCorvey gave birth to her third child, a baby girl who was placed for adoption. Years later, after the case was decided, Norma was working at an abortion clinic. Because of the friendship of a loving little girl, as well as one of the pastors working for the pro-life organization, “Operation Rescue,” McCorvey turned her back on the multi-million dollar abortion industry.
She has since dedicated her life to helping others suffering from the physical, emotional and spiritual damage of abortion. For more information, check out “Silent No More” campaign at silentnomoreawareness.org
So much has happened in the past 40 years. The guarantee that the freedom of choice and privacy would enhance the lives of women has had the absolute opposite effect. To this day, more than 55 million babies have been aborted in the name of freedom of choice. Current data proves this is a vastly low estimate of the true number.
Many states, like Alaska, did not require the reporting of abortion information until just a few years ago. Two generations of Americans have been wiped out. Today the woman’s womb is the most dangerous place to be. One out of every three pregnancies ends in the termination of a life.
One victory, still being heard in lawsuits around our nation, is the case against Partial Birth Abortion, also called D and X. Abortions performed after 24 weeks have been recognized as taking a baby’s life at a time when he or she could viably live outside the womb. No more babies are put in the corner and allowed to die alone. How could anyone be part of this grizzly procedure?
With the availability of ultrasound machines, pregnancy centers nationwide have seen an increase of their clients choosing life for the baby, up to a 75 percent increase. Pro-life pregnancy centers are increasingly concentrating their efforts in the inner cities, lower income and predominantly black or hispanic communities.
These are the favored locations for most abortion centers and where Medicaid will pay the bill. Most Alaskans do not realize that Denali Kid Care also pays for abortions. This comes under the label of health care for the pregnant woman.
The biggest case against abortion is coming not just from the pro-life groups, but from the medical and scientific communities as well. The overwhelming evidence of the developing life of the fetus in the womb, with heartbeats detected at 21 days. That’s just three weeks after conception. All the baby needs is more time.
Jan. 22, is very sad day for the lives of so many babies that never saw the light of day. Setting aside the moral or Christian value of life being sacred or protected, we need to ask quite simply, “Is it a life?”
Is it really any wonder this present generation now facing the future is making decisions that reflect little or no value for life? We are surrounded by the culture of death, where 4,000 babies die daily, yet people are more upset when a dead whale washes up on a beach or an eagle’s nest is blown down by the wind.
Let’s turn out hearts and minds back to the point where life is valuable and worth protecting at any stage.

Eileen Becker is a former 25-year Board Member and Director of the Pregnancy Care Center, VP of Peninsula Communications, INC. Most importantly, she is a mother of five and grandmother of 10.

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1 Response for “We need to ask, ‘Is it a life?’”

  1. wake up homer says:

    No we really don’t need to ask this, we have already discussed this issue for over 40 years. The elite like to revive it as part of an effort to divide and conquer, but what happened to Republicans and ‘small government’? What happened to ‘live and let live’ It’s a free country, where we make decisions for ourselves, not other people.

    If you are so concerned about ‘life’ I welcome you to recognize the millions of innocents that we have killed in Iraq and Afghanistan/ You can choose to ignore it, but other people, and other people’s children in other countries…they are human beings too, and when you kill them, they die.

    We have drones now, killing people at wedding parties because they look suspicious. Do they have a right to life?

    It is really hard to accept the hypocrisy of the Republican party who spends 60% of our federal budget for the military to kill people, they do not even bother to audit the pentagon…but they have their minions going on and on about abortion and blaming poor people for the economy they created.

    Get out of your bubble and look at the big picture. The corrupt Republican party is making fools of you. Everyone can see the hypocritical As#holes who care so much about abortion but once the kid is born ‘screw you, you are on your own’ People who love the military and killing overseas, telling other Americans how to make personal decisions on this.

    Is life worth protecting at every stage? Yes, that goes for children in all countries as well. Everywhere our military goes we leave depleted Uranium all over the country. Take a look at some pictures of babies exposed to depleted uranium in Iraq, I dare you. You will look away in 10 seconds the atrocities are so horrible. And Iraq is very close to where Jesus actually walked the earth, you don’t think he cares about Iraqi children?

    And seniors, do they deserve to live? Because seniors who only get a pittance for retirement through social security, which they paid for, are being blamed for the economy and threatened with cuts as politicians spend 60 % of our tax dollars on the pentagon and don’t even audit it.

    If you really care about social justice, pull your head out, there is work to be done.

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