Police report – Jan. 30


Homer Volunteer Fire Department responded to 14 Emergency Medical Service calls and 1 fire calls for the week of Jan. 21- Jan. 27.
Kachemak Emergency Services responded to four emergency medical calls during the week of Jan. 21-27. 

Homer Police

Jan. 22
Hit&Run/Leave Scene of Accident: A man calls 911 to report a man had been hit by a vehicle. An officer and Emergency Medical Services reported to the scene.
Pass School Bus w/Red Lights: A student reported a pick up truck with a plow passing a school bus when the its red lights were flashing.
Jan. 23
Possess/Use MJ (Misconduct involving a controlled substance): Homer High School reported finding marijuana in a closed container. An officer reported to the scene.
Protective Custody/Alcohol: Homer court reported an intoxicated woman in the court room. Officers came to the scene and the woman was taken into protective custody.
Jan. 24
City Ordinance: A man reported possible bow hunting taking place in the city limits. An officer reported to the area.
Traffic: A man calls to report a vehicle on Beluga Lake with open water visible. An officer reported to the lake.
Civil Problem/Assist/Standby: A woman reported her carpet shampooer was being held for ransom. An officer advised options.
Civil Problem/Assist/Standby: A man reported seeing a possible suspect featured on a crime watch t.v. show.
Jan. 25
Disorderly Conduct: A man reported that his neighbor was screaming and pacing on his own front porch. Officers came to the scene and the neighbor was issued a disorderly conduct warning.
Welfare Check: An anonymous caller reported driving by a local business on Grubstake Street and seeing a cleaning lady trapped in the Arctic entryway and banging on the glass. Officers reported to the scene. The key holder to the business was contacted and the cleaning lady was freed.

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