Police report – Jan. 16

Anchor Point Fire and Emergency Services responded to seven emergency medical calls and three fire calls during the week of  Jan. 7.
Kachemak Emergency Services responded to one structure fire and one search and rescue during the week of Jan. 7-13.
Jan. 7 Crews responded to a mutual aid residential structure fire with Kachemak Emergency Services.
Jan. 10 Crews responded to a detached shed fire at a residence off of Mt. Augustine Dr. Crews extinguished the fire and prevented any damage to the residence.
Jan. 7
Alaska State Troopers: Troopers reported a motorist that almost hit a cyclist on the roadway due to lack of lighting or reflective materials on the bike or person.
Trespass: A person requested that a trespassing person be removed from a local church. An officer was advised that the resident preacher needed to make the request.
Suspicious Circumstances: A woman reported hearing a gunshot near her house.
Child Neglect: A child called 911 saying that he was alone in a vehicle. Officer reported to scene. All was found to be OK.
Agency Assist: An officer assisted the troopers in Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for a suicidal man.
Motor Vehicle Accident: A caller reported an unattended parked vehicle slid into another parked vehicle, causing damage.
Suspicious Circumstances: A caller requested information about obtaining a restraining order. Options were given.
Public Assist: A caller reported being stuck in a local car wash. An officer went to the scene.
Jan. 8
Protective Custody/Alcohol: A caller reported a suspicious man in her driveway. Officers responded and took the man into protective custody.
Traffic Warning: A driver was warned for erratic driving due to having frost on their windshield.
Agency Assist: An officer assisted a welfare check of an infant.
Agency Assist, troopers: A caller reported her sister-in-law had taken her car without permission. The caller was out of the area but an officer gave her options.
Animal Related Offense: A caller reported a dog fight in progress at an apartment complex. An officer responded and notified Animal Control.
Intoxicated Pedestrian: A 911 caller reported an intoxicated pedestrian in the roadway. Officers responded, but were unable to locate the pedestrian.
Jan. 9
Animal Related Offens: A caller reported a missing service dog. Animal Control was notified.
Motor Vehicle Accident: A third party caller reported a vehicle colliding with a moose. A responding officer was unable to locate any moose.
Criminal Mischief/Joyriding: A caller reported reckless driving by snow machiners. An officer was advised and a patrol request logged.
Jan. 10
Animal Related Offense: A motorist reported hitting a dog with his vehicle. Animal Control was notified.
Lost Property: A person reported losing a purse, but later found it in a local business parking lot.
Suspicious Circumstances: A caller reported hearing gunshots in the area. An officer was informed. Caller called back to say it was fireworks.
Theft from Building: A caller reported a theft of prescription medication from residence. An officer advised.
Assist Fire Department: An officer assisted Homer Volunteer Fire Department with a fire.
Jan. 11
Protective Custody: A woman called saying she felt odd and might hurt someone. Officers responded and took the woman to South Peninsula Hospital. She was then put into protective custody for the night and housed at Homer Jail.
Hit&Run/ Leave Scene of Accident: A person reported a hit and run on East End Road after the fact.
Protective Custody/Mental: A caller reported someone exhibiting erratic behavior. An officer came to the scene, and the person was transported to South Peninsula Hospital for evaluation.
Animal Related Offense/Complaint: A caller reported a stray cat at a city facility. Animal Control was advised.
Death Invest/Unattended Death: A caller reported a Comfort One death.
Motor vehicle Accident-Damage: Multiple 911 calls reporting a motor vehicle accident on the Sterling Hwy. Officers reported to the scene.
Information/Other: Multiple callers reported vehicles left in the airport parking lot for an unexpected duration due to delay/cancellation of flights from Anchorage. Officers were notified.
Jan. 12
Suspicious Circumstances: A caller reported two men exhibiting suspicious behavior in a business parking lot. Officers were notified.
Trespass: A caller reported someone refusing to leave their property. Officers reported to the scene and the person was arrested and houses in the Homer jail.
Missing Juvenile: A 911 caller reported the children she had been babysitting had gone missing. Officers reported to the scene. Report had been unfounded.
Jan. 13
Missing Juvenile: A man comes to police station and while speaking with an officer about another matter mentions that his son had ran away a few days before. The officer investigates, finds the son and returns him to his parents.
Agency Assist: A caller reported flooding at New Iris Court.
Suspicious Circumstances: A woman called 911to report someone had been shining a flashlight through her window. The woman was informed that Public Works was correcting a sewage problem in the area.
Jan. 14
Burglary/Force/Residence: A 911 caller reported an active break-in attempt. Officers reported to the scene and a woman is transported to South Peninsula Hospital.

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