Nordic skiers log 649k at ‘Ski Your Age’ event

• Locals enjoy fresh Christmas snow on Lookout Trails
By Sean Pearson
Homer Tribune

According to event organizer Jan Spurkland, more than 50 skiers made their way out to Lookout Mountain last Wednesday to enjoy the new snow Homer got — and then promptly watched it melt away. Participants of the 2012 Ski Your Age community ski logged an impressive 649 kilometers between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Megan Spurkland joined the “Century Club Members,” skiing a total of 67k for the day. Century Club members are skiers who skied 100, minus their age, in kilometers.
In the Skimeister Challenge, Annie Ridgely knocked out 50k, while Katie Miller skied 24. On the guys’ side, Josh Vantrease finished 17k, and Case Hrenchir skied 10k. Final Skimeisters were Hunter Green, 8k, Frida Renner, 6k, and Clyde Clemens, 3k.
Spurklands also won the Family Challenge (total kilometers skied by a family), combining for a total of 109k. The Gratz/Stenger group logged 63.5k, while the VanTrease’s churned out 43.5k. The Clemens clan was next in line, finishing with a total of 22k, and the Laukitis Family skied for 22k.
Other Family Challengers included the Hrenchir Family, 20k; Ditton/Green Family, 16k; Renner Family, 9k; Gaylord Family, 8k.

Additional Participants:
Mike Gratz, 37k; Eric Groth, 36k; Devry Garity, 35.5k; Kathy Sarns-Irwin, 30.5k; Daniel Perry, 30k; Jane Weibe, 27k; Michele Stenger, 26.5k; Catie Bursch, 26k; Glen Seaman, 24k; Tania Spurkland, 23k;
Charlie Towbridge, 17k; Kristin VanTrease, 15k; Tobben Spurkland, 12k; Mariah VanTrease, 11.5k; Aspen Daigle, 10k; Barb Hrenchir, 10k; Christy Newell, 9k; Joel House, 9k; David Clemens, 9k;
Diana Ditton, 8k; Claire Laukitis, 8k; Teal Laukitis, 8k; Cassidy Soistman, 7.5k; Kristen Faulker, 7.5k; Jan Spurkland, 7k; Shelly Laukitis, 5k; Kara Clemens, 4k; Maggie Mae Gaylord, 4k; Allison Gaylord, 4k; Lukas Renner, 3k;
Cynthia Morelli, Brian Rowe, Hillary Segar, Leigh Sturges, Zach Sturges, Jake Worsfold, Chris Seaman, Katie Moerlein, Janelle Moerlein.

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