Letters – Jan. 9

What is Agenda 21?

How many people in Homer, Alaska know about Agenda 21? It is being implemented as a “test pilot” in Homer. What does this mean? How will it affect the community. A “test pilot” area for Agenda 21. Are we just lab rats? Why the push for natural gas when it’s running out?
How long ago was it Homer’s government decided we needed a “Global Warming Task Force” http://www.cakex.org/case-studies/711
But, even after intense study, can they actually tell us what the climate is going to do? Did we need to BUY a task force to tell us our climate is changing? Can’t we all see it for ourselves … and anyway, so what? What can humans do about climate change? Stop breathing? Obviously we couldn’t stop Fukushima, or the Gulf Oil Spill. These of course are “man-made accidents” that have caused drastic climate changes in every form (air, land, sea). So we want to spend our money on the “study” of climate change? Global Warming? That spare change COULD have gone into the reparation of the main road through town – Pioneer Avenue.
Who pocketed that funding? We can all see the Sterling Highway is eroding into the ocean. Use the money to fix that. We all read about the recent ships sinking in our harbors, leaving hazardous toxins in the ocean. Use the money to clean that up. And what about the drilling rig that’s run amuck in the Kodiak area? Probably shouldn’t mention the jack up rig that’s stuck in our bay for God only knows how long.
The Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives’ (ICLEI), was signed by these five Alaska member Mayor’s: Anchorage, Homer, Fairbanks, Kodiak and Juneau. It’s under disguise of, “Local Governments for Sustainability.” Homer’s goal is:
“Homer, Alaska estimates that a 25 percent energy efficiency gain in city buildings will equal $43,398 in annual savings at current energy prices.” Wow! big savings there, Governor. What about the rest of us? Are we invisible?
‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’ is the main strategy being used to push through the very real and dangerous Agenda 21 through villages, towns and cities. The inhabitants of some 1,200 cities—600 of them American—do not even know they’ve been hijacked by the UN’s Agenda 21.”
Maka Fairman

Champagne flutes, masked ball

On the third day of Christmas, Homer Theatre gave to me, a magic carpet ride to “A Masked Ball” at the Metropolitan Opera. The ride was complete with champagne flutes, beautiful masques, marvelous delicacies and magnificent music and theatre. All of it for the most affordable price imaginable.
Thank you, Jaimie, Colleen, Bonnie and staff for keeping great music and theater available in our hometown for another season.
Carol Dee

Hats off for Burly Q Review

Your very own burlesque troupe, The Bait and Tassels, would like to sincerely thank all their audiences during this past month’s performances. Equally, we would like to thank Alice’s Champagne Palace for being so accommodating to our beloved audiences. Cindy, you and your staff are incredibly sweet, dependable and hardworking. Our hats are off to you.
We have just turned one year old. The Burly-Q Review was our opener in December 2011. With seven performers at the time, our first show raised $3,039 for Bunnell Street Arts Center. During our Bottoms Up! show in March, we donated $177 to the Haven House, and $287 to Family Planning.
We then grew to nine performers, and excitedly participated in this past year’s Rock-A-Billy Ball annual fundraiser for Family Planning. During Catch and Release, we donated $740 to Bunnell Street Arts Center.
With the biggest cast of performers yet, the Bait and Tassels grew to 14 performers strong in our recent show, “Under the Big Top!” With a $2,000 troupe contribution given toward the production of the show, we were able to give a $1,000 cash donation to the Kevin Bell Arena and an additional $933 to Bunnell.
Like most artists, we do it because we love it. All of our inspiration is organic, and every performer is committed to the integrity of the entire show. Two months prior to each show, we commit six hours weekly to rehearsals, and many more hours at home, crafting our D.I.Y. costumes and props. We answer to each other, creating a healthy checks-and-balances system. We have invested with our hearts, minds and wallets, while continuously keeping a priority to give back to the community.
As the founding conductor of this glittery, bustling, burly train, it’s time to give sincere recognition to this generous group of performers, supporters and volunteers. We have grown to an amazing capacity in one year.
Thank you for your vivacious spirit and true commitment to bringing confidence, edge, beauty and intention to the stage by way of this American art form. This troupe is a vibrant bouquet of ever blooming, can-do-it-ness. I am impressed and humbled to share the stage with you all. You are all gems.
We have certainly made do with our resources at the End of the Road, but it is our New Year’s resolution to invest in our performance skill. We are eager for outside, professional burlesque influences, so we can continue making this show a successful evolution.
Bait and Tassels has yielded a total donation of $8,176 to four separate nonprofits in Homer, within one year. Cheers! We want to continue rightfully serving our audience’s developing burlesque palette, so we can continue raising money to support local missions we believe in.
Stay tuned for our game plan on seeking that outside instruction, and thank you so much for loving us, loving you.
Brianna Allen

Library Lexile Project a wonder

A big thank you to Colleen Carroll and the crew at the Homer Movie Theatre for making our West Homer Elementary School Library Lexile Project fundraiser a great success. You make a difference!
Lyn Maslow, Lisa Whip,
West Homer Elementary School

Recliner comfort

The Independent Living Center would like to thank Rep. Paul Seaton for his donation of a motorized lift recliner to our Community Closet.  We would also like to thank Ken Bergman of Bay Realty for the time and effort he donated to deliver the chair to the ILC.  Thank you, gentlemen.
Joyanna Geisler, E.D.
Independent Living Center

A Different World Perspective

I got the chance to travel to South America and explore Chile and parts of Patagonia for the past two and a half months because of a very unique travel award given by the Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship, supported by the Tin Roof Fund at the Homer Foundation. This award made it possible for me to experience an entirely new culture and place and meet people with very different lives than mine.
When I would tell people how my trip was possible they were amazed that an award like this existed. I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have the opportunity of exploring different parts of our world and viewing it through a different perspective. I think it is really important for us to experience foreign cultures and meet the locals who live there in order for us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the world. So thank you Homer Foundation and Donor of the Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship for making these opportunities possible.
Kaya Morelli

Way to support our Young People!
Many thanks go out to Rotary Club of Homer Downtown, Rotary District 5010, and the Homer Foundation for supporting the R.E.C. Room (youth Resource and Enrichment Co-op). Thanks to this funding support, many youth will be able to continue to access vital resources which connect them with caring adults, available services, and supportive community members through the R.E.C. Room. Not only that; it is now confirmed that our beloved Acoustic Fender Resonator guitar that is used almost daily will live out its time here in the hands of youth. Know that your gift has already enhanced this space and resources we provide to teens in our community.
Anna Meredith
Youth Program Manager, KBFPC

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2 Responses for “Letters – Jan. 9”

  1. geez says:

    Would you please stop with the ads for the burlesque show thinly disguised as letters to the editor?

    It is bad enough we have that going on in town, all kinds of inappropriate adult entertainment in this ‘family community’ as we blame teenagers for having bad values… now we have to read it in the paper every week. It is just twisted.

  2. john says:

    Why the push for natural gas when it’s running out?

    If we are running out, it is because Connoco is sending our gas to Asia because they get double the cost.

    But think about it yourself, How can we be running out when we have more natural gas than the rest of the lower 48?

    If we are running out, why would they revise the in-state gas proposal?

    “Carrying natural gas liquids such as ethane, propane and butane was previously considered desirable because they could be sold at a premium and used to lower the price of gas to Alaskans, said Frank Richards, the pipeline engineering manager for the Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

    “Now we see that the world is awash in natural gas liquids,”

    As for the burlesque show, would that be the welfare queens and liberals ruining society again? The elites have created a society where there will be no jobs but servicing them. This is a great way to teach our kids where the money is. You’ll never find a job in this messed up country we created, but you can all get loads of money taking off your clothes for people who obviously have too much money. What a great lesson Homer. Just make sure you go to church on Sunday and the rest of the week you can look away at the perverted destruction of our community for the needs of a few.

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