Letters – Jan. 25

Where were oil spill ‘drillers’

In regarding the inability to address pollution from the Jakolof Bay incident, the public needs to be aware that even after the gulf spill, this is the kind of response technology and ineffectiveness that will be used in the Arctic, Upper Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound and from extensive research, across the globe. Where were the oil spill response vessels that parade on the water drills close to the Home Spit and Jack Up Rig?
Jakolof Bay is as calm as it gets. If industry cannot clean up a small spill in a protected oyster farm bay, how will they clean up something of volume with strong current, waves and ice?
New technology exists for oil spills in ocean and ice mixture that is valid and patented in the United States. This new technology was made known in person to Rep. Paul Seaton at his office in Homer two years ago. I am curious if Rep. Seaton made any inquiries to the oil industry or spill response organizations within District 35. Mr. Seaton did admit the booms currently used are ineffective.
It is a fair question to openly ask our elected representative what was done with the information given, taking into account increased offshore oil and gas development both here and in the Arctic.
Jim Cobb
Retriever Environmental

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Enstar and the City of Homer are standing at the back of the church, getting ready to walk up the aisle.  If you approve, throw rice. If you object, write a letter to the City. (Correction- you must write a letter to the City, as all do nothings will be counted as “yes” votes.) 
At the time of this writing, 316 objections had been received; approximately 1600 more are needed to void this marriage. This sounds like insurmountable odds, but stay positive. You get one vote for every property that you own within the city limits, and one vote if you are a condo owner.  Your letter has to be written on the City’s official objection form, which you should have received as a property or condo owner. 
The City will fax or e-mail you another copy if you’ve lost the first one. Please note that your objection has to be hand-delivered or received at the Office of the City Clerk by 5 p.m., Jan. 25. If you have any questions, please call 907-435-3198.  Thank you! 
Nell Gustafson

Kyoto progress painfully slow

We’ve put together an infographic that demonstrates the lack of progress made by the Kyoto Protocol in reducing carbon emissions. With the first commitment period expiring in 2012, it’s been eight years now since the beginning process to create consensus. You can view the infographic on our homepage at www.infoproductreview.org
Sadly, uptake has been extremely slow. We’re desperate to get the message out there and would like others to pass the word along or perhaps give it a shout-out to your social following? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks and best wishes for the new year!
Jamie Rose

Thanks for help in Polar Plunge

First off, I would like to thank each and every person for their support in helping me reach my fundraising goal of $10,000 in the Polar Bear Plunge for the American Cancer Society. My biggest appreciation goes to family and friends. If not for them, I could not have done this. They are my biggest supporters and push me to work harder towards my goals. I want to give an extra thank you to the following people/businesses, Dr. Susan Polis of Preventive Dental Services who outdoes herself every year with a bigger sponsor amount, this year being no different with a donation of $1,125. Best lady ever! Also to the Department of Alaska American Legion Auxiliary for donating $1,000, to Dave Schrader who couldn’t make the jump his year due to health issues and gave me his donations of $950. Moore & Moore Services, John Crandall, Betty Branson for donating $500, Luann Nelson, In Demand Marine, Homer Veterinary Clinic, S.A.L. Squadron 16, and American Legion Post 16, K-Bay Marines and Printworks. Sorry I can only do a few names but I appreciate each and every one of you. My grand total was $11,470, the jump was great! The water was 36 degrees and outside temp was 37 degrees; it was an awesome day! Thank you again!
Christie Hill

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  1. jumped the shark says:

    Before moving forward with the gas project, it is important to realize that we are dealing with a new Corrupt Bastards Club in the legislature, who are openly, more brazenly than ever…working for Corporations. Micciche is currently working for Connoco Phillips. at the same time as being on the resource committee asking for the state to pay for infrastructure so his company can ship more gas to Asia. And he doesn’t see the conflict of interest…

    “We’ve got a supply issue and the public needs to understand it,” freshman Sen. Peter Micciche, R-Soldotna, told Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan.

    For Micciche, it could mean the plant at which he’s superintendent — the Conoco Phillips liquefied natural gas plant in Kenai — never exports gas again. The plant, the first of its kind in the United States, relies on a surplus of Alaska gas for shipment to Asia.

    “My only request,” he told Sullivan, “is that the department continues to look for a parallel path,” he said, referring to proposals for a gas pipeline from the North Slope to the Southcentral region.

    “Micciche is not shying away from energy issues. He’s a member of the Senate Resource Committee and he took positions on the two new Senate committees involving oil and gas, including vice chairman of the special committee taking the first look at the governor’s oil-tax bill.

    “I’m proud of the industry’s place in our state and the industry’s place in my community,” Micciche said. “I know a little bit about LNG and I know a lot about natural-gas processing, and I think it’s an advantage for the people of Alaska.”

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