For the Record – Jan. 23

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.

Glenn A. Pearston, 50, third-degree theft
Ella Cora Newsom, 54, first-degree criminal trespass, sixth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance.
Brandy A. Taylor, 21, driving in violation of license limitation, driving while license is revoked/cancelled
Austin Timothy Winslow, 20, making a false report

Margaret Ellen Mitchell, 53, two counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fourth degree
Thomas J. Clegg, 33, driving under the influence, driving while license was cancelled/revoked, endangering the welfare of a minor in the first degree

Winto Jerome Everette, 53, violating a domestic violence restraining order, guilty
Patrick William Lind, 51, disorderly conduct, guilty
Brianna Buchhanser, 21, habitual minor consuming alcohol, guilty
Benjamin John Elachik, 25, driving under the influence, guilty
Steven L. Button, 56, prohibited operation of watercraft, guilty
Micheal Klondike Clemmons, 51, reckless driving, guilty
Emma Gloria Micheal, 49, violation of court request, guilty
Grant E. Yacobucci, 41, reckless driving, violating court request, guilty on both counts
Kelsey A. Quinn, 47, driving while license is revoked
Tanner O. Connelly, 21, taking a calf moose, guilty
Austin T. Winslow, 20, non-valid operators license, making a false report, guilty on both counts
Samuel A. Kuznetsov, 24, commercial fishing with a gill net in closed water, guilty
Josiah B. Johnson, 32, misconduct involving a controlled substance in the sixth degree, guilty
Mary K. Fitzgerald, 53, attempted misconduct involving a controlled substance in the fourth degree, guilty

Benhamin John Elachik, 25, driving while license is cancelled/revoked, dismissed

Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Risa A. Jackinsky
June Wing vs. Joseph Lurus
Walter J. Kurka vs. State of Alaska, Human Rights Commission
Winto Jerome Everette vs. Marlaina Rose Mongon-Thiel
Cornerstone Credit Services LLC vs. Kimberleigh Payne

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