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Property rights sacrificed for ‘public good?’

In 1996, the Kenai Peninsula Borough began to take control of private land from property owners, with no compensation to the owner. Then in 2008, and again in 2011, the borough took more land from private property owners. Since 1996, the borough has created local ordinances to legitimize their taking from more than 4,000 parcels of private property. Most property owners were unaware their property was taken until well after the fact.
The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of “steal” is: “to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice.”
The definition of “thief” is: “one who steals, especially stealthily or secretly.”
Some people believe this taking was justified for the “public good.” Using that philosophy, if a thief steals money from the bank and gives it to charity, no crime was committed. Our borough’s taking of private property rights is a questionably “legal” form of theft.
Fortunately, there are still good people on the Kenai Peninsula who can tell the difference between right and wrong, and are fighting this theft of private property. They have organized a group called, “Citizens 4 Responsible Waterfront Land Use.”
Their website, c4rwlu.org, has details of this ongoing theft and how you can join the fight. Victims of this ongoing government-sponsored theft from 1996 onward, need to join the fight and help bring these thieves to justice.
Our current borough assembly members and Mayor Navarre can, and should, work toward complete repeal of KPB 21.18, or be considered accessories to these crimes against citizens.
Every fair-minded person should become aware of the current and proposed government taking of individual property rights. If citizens don’t oppose the loss of property rights, our borough will likely continue to chip away at your right to own property. Your property rights may be next one sacrificed for the “public good.”
Mike McBride
North Kenai

It takes a community to ‘Share the Spirit’

It takes a village to feed a community, and it takes a community to share the spirit. We are very thankful for such a supportive community of more than 100 volunteers and donors that helped Share the Spirit Spaghetti Feed successfully reach its goal. All proceeds go to holiday baskets for those less fortunate in our community.
There were too many wonderful, hard-working volunteers to name, but a huge thank you goes to you all.
We would also like to thank all the generous businesses who shared their support: Café Cups, Captain Patty’s, Caribou Restaurant, Cosmic Kitchen, Cub Scout Troop 555, Don Jose’s, Diamond Center Hotel, Duncan House, Elks Club, Fat Olive’s, Fresh Sourdough Express, Fritz Creek General Store, Girl Scout Troops 564, 935, 967 Grant Air, Homer Bed and Breakfast Association, Homestead Restaurant, Kachemak Wholesale, Land’s End, Panarelli’s, Mermaid Café, McNeal Meat Co., Otter Room, Peterkin Dist., Save-U-More, Starvin Marvins, Sysco Dist. and Two Sisters Bakery.
If you didn’t get a chance to participate, you can still donate at Share the Spirit, P.O. Box 3218, Homer, AK 99603, or drop it off at Wells Fargo Bank.
And, finally, we would like to thank Shari Daugherty, who is the greatest elf of all, for introducing us to this community and helping make the Spaghetti Feed a success. Happy holidays!
Rick and Sharlene Cline

Here’s to you, Mrs. Nordstrom

I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Lisa Nordstrom for bringing the Marine Safety Drill class to Voznesenka.
I learned a lot about boat safety procedures. If something goes wrong, I will be able to fix it.
When we went to the fire station, I learned you have to sweep the fire with the fire extinguisher in order to put out the fire. In the swimming pool, I learned how to get the person out of the water using a life ring, a buoy and a buoy catcher.
She described each personal flotation device and what a person needs to wear. The toughest part was putting on a survival suit in the water. The water was pretty much inside the suit. I learned a lot in the marine course.
Dennis Sanarov
Voznesenka School

‘Burly’ girls credit audiences for success

On behalf of Bait and Tassels, I would like to say a very sincere thank you to our wonderful audiences. We couldn’t have felt more lucky during our live performance. You were totally engaging, respectful and appreciative of your burly troupe. Time after time, you helped transform our stage into a gratuitous carpet of roses, making each performer feel so cherished, while directly elevating the level of energy in the room.
What a wonderful place to be with you all. Thanks for supporting the Bait and Tassels and Kevin Bell Arena.
Briana Allen

‘T.U.F.F Teens’ talk homelessness

It takes a community to make our homeless children’s holiday. Thank you to all who donated items and time to fill all the 37-plus stockings in our fundraising event to support local homeless children and teens.
The amazing turnout at this event and the generosity of so many meant these children had stockings completely filled with toys. Our homeless teens each received a gift card in their stockings.
We at T.U.F.F TEENS would like to thank these businesses and individuals for making their donations of time and resources: The Sons of the American Legion, The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary for the monies for the gift cards, Debra Henderson for the fine craftsmanship and great job on making the stockings.
Captain’s Coffee and Monica Sallee at GCI for the locations for the drop-offs for this event. McNeil Canyon Elementary Student Council, Marlaina Thiel Homeless Liasion at KPBSD, Dayna Payne, P.J.Payne, Land’s End Resort and Best Western Bidarka for donations of personal care items and clothing.
Thanks to Cindy Burns and Alice’s Champagne Palace for the room to put all the items together.
And, we thank Jacob Groff, Michalea Murphy, Dylan Wylde, Kathleen Eagle, Rowan Biesset, Katie Jo Brock, Rachel Lugo-Sena, Reba Lugo-Sena, Peggy Bordner and her daughters, Diane Escalera, Eddie Escalera, Serra Moskios, Remedy Moskios, Holly Moskios Wood, Cyrus Wood, Coda Woods, Robby Keves, Carrie Michael Lucas, Ardenia Mahoney, Shelly Mahoney, Kelly Cooper, Chip Duggan, Monica Sallee, Deanna Chesser, Dorthy Keith, Chick Deal and so many others. We don’t have names for everyone involved in this event, but we thank you all.
You made a huge difference in these children and teens’ holiday. Most of all, we at T.U.F.F.TEENS and our community have filled these stockings with love to show our homeless children, teens and unaccompanied youth that we really care about them. Love to all our homeless youth.
Janet O’Rourke

Story hour hits the road

Best Beginnings Homer and the Homer Public Library would like to thank the David and Mary Schroer Fund of the Homer Foundation for theirsupport in funding our Language and Literacy Outreach Project.
This grant will allow library staff to provide outreach story-hour programs in three locations where parents have difficulty in attending the programs offered in Homer.
Story-hour programs are effective in developing early literacy skills, modeling positive literacy behaviors for both adults and children, and creating opportunities for social networking for parents and caregivers.
Starting in January, the library staff will go to Haven House Women’s Shelter, Razdolna School and the McNeil Fire Hall to provide a weekly or bi-weekly story-hour program.
In Razdolna, the library staff will also bring books for check out. We appreciate the Schroer Fund’s support of early childhood education in our community.
Bonnie Betley
Best Beginnings Homer

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