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Court modifies bail restrictions
District Court Judge Margaret Murphy granted Anthony Resetarits permission to travel to and from Dutch Harbor for a one-month commercial fishing job Nov. 26, but left all other conditions in place. Resetarits, 21, is charged with first-degree sexual assault in connection with an alleged rape at a teen drinking party Sept. 8 in Homer. His brother, 18-year-old Joseph, also is charged.
In a modification hearing on Nov. 21, defense attorney Philip Weidner requested that Anthony be allowed to work in the Bering Sea. The human resources director for Sea Group Limited told the judge the charges against Resetarits had been explained to him and that no alcohol is allowed on board with a crew of people all over 18 years of age. No Internet or cell phone use is available while at sea, he said.
The Office of Victim’s Rights also appeared telephonically with the victim’s mother. She objected to the bail modifications, contending it looks like special treatment. Her son had to leave the state “because he can’t stay here.”
“I don’t see any justice going on here. They get to go on about their lives (while) my son is still dealing with it. If they (the defendants) were older, I could see he would need to go out to work, but that’s not the case.”
The judge stipulated that all conditions remain in effect about Internet and cell phone use before and after the 30-day allowance to work aboard the fishing vessel. Each is under 24-hour sight and sound custody of parents in separate homes. A preliminary trial hearing is set for 3:30 p.m. Jan. 18
Natural gas shortage anticipated
Joe Griffith, general manager of Matanuska Electric Association, spoke with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Monday, along with representatives of Chugach Electric Association and Municipal Light and Power, to discuss the future of the Railbelt energy supply.
Under an importation scenario in the winter of 2014, fuel costs can be expected to rise significantly. Preliminary estimates show a potential for a substantial increase in fuel costs for imported natural gas, primarily because of support infrastructure needs.
As Cook Inlet gas production continues to decline, the proportion of imported fuel, and thus overall costs, can be expected to rise.

Shake it up
Southcentral Alaska experienced two earthquakes recently; one on Monday at a magnitude of 5.8 and another on Tuesday registering 3.2 magnitude. Monday’s event reportedly knocked items off shelves in some stores, and lasted several moments.
The Alaska Earthquake Information Center said Tuesday ‘s quake occurred at 5:35 a.m. and was an aftershock to Monday’s 5.8-magnitude quake. Both were centered in the same area north of Anchorage, close to Eagle River. That earthquake was felt in a more than 175-mile swath of Alaska, including Homer.
Earthquake experts say they expect Monday’s quake to produce more aftershocks.

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