Fugitive arrested for kidnapping, robbery

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Alaska State Troopers arrested an Anchor Point man suspected of kidnapping and robbing a Homer man in August, and added three new charges when the man reportedly assaulted officers as they tried to apprehend him.
The troopers exercised a felony warrant on Bret A. Herrick, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest when they located him near the Anchor Point liquor store last weekend.
When Herrick, 52, was contacted and while troopers attempted to arrest him, he assaulted both troopers. Herrick was eventually remanded to Homer jail. No one was hurt in the incident, troopers said.
The case, which originated four months ago, took time to reach an arrest because evidence suggested Herrick was involved with narcotics, was heavily armed and dangerous, said Trooper Sgt. Jeremy Stone.
“We needed to locate him in a safe manner. He was considered dangerous, so we had to take those factors into consideration,” Stone said. “We wanted it to be as safe for him and the public as possible.”
An indictment was handed down in October charging Herrick with seven felony counts though he still had not been apprehended by police. The felony counts were kidnapping, four counts of third-degree assault, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, and a third-degree theft.
According to charging documents, Herrick arrived uninvited at a home on Aug. 3 where three people were present. He claimed to be looking for a person in the home who allegedly owed him money. When it was determined that person was not there, he then threatened an 18-year-old male with a gun, forced him out of his East Skyline Drive home and into Herrick’s truck. He drove him to the Wells Fargo and made him withdraw $250 to pay him for the money owed.
The victim got away from Herrick at the bank, after he threw most of the money in Herrick’s face, in a distraction that bought him moments to flee.
A warrant was issued for Herrick but he was not arrested until Dec. 2, after the troopers judged the risk to the public safety in arresting a person believed to be heavily armed, including assault rifles. In the scuffle of his Anchor Point arrest, three more charges were added: two counts of fourth-degree assault for allegedly attacking the officers and one count of resisting arrest.
Herrick was lodged in the Homer jail until he could be transferred to Wildwood.2 counts of ass 4 and resisting arrest.

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