For the Record – Dec. 5

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.
Brandon L. Smith, 19, Leaving the scene of accident, guilty.
Johnathon Wilkinson, 24, Failure to appear, guilty.
Emily Matulich, 31, Driving under the influence, guilty.
Alexey Eugeny Basargin, 35, Refusal of a breath test, guilty.
Nikita S. Serebrekoff, 22, Reckless endangerment, guilty.
Avraamy D. Reutov, 23, Violating conditions of release, guilty.
Richard Matthew Price, 65, Driving under the influence, violating conditions of release, and driving while license revoked, guilty.
Don James Holten, 45, Criminal trespass, guilty.

Jesse Jade Lee, 24, Driving while license canceled, suspended, revoked.
James Daniel Perkins, 27, No motor vehicle liability insurance.
George Gallentine, 41, Drive while license canceled, suspended, revoked.
Michael D. Medcoff Jr., 44, Driving while drivers license was canceled, suspended, revoked.
Glen Allen Pearston, 49, Theft in the third degree.
Deborah Ann Thomas, 53, Theft in the third degree.
Jeffrey B. Mills, 54, Driving under the influence.
Terry Craig Morasci, 50, Driving while license was canceled, suspended, revoked.
Donald Rauh, 24, Driving while drivers license cancelled, suspended, revoked.
Donald Mullikin, 64, Driving under the influence.
Joel Mumey, 45, Driving under the influence, felony refusal to submit to a chemical test.

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