Romney wins the Kenai, Ballot Measure 1 on constitutional convention fails

• Seaton keeps his seat; Judge Tan goes

For local District 30 results, visit this link:

By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune

Voter turnout was in the high 40 percent on the Lower Kenai Peninsula. Anchor Point came in at nearly 45 percent while Kasilof enjoyed the highest turnout of 46.6 percent. Statewide, the turnout was 43.7 percent.
President Barack Obama wins the presidency of the United States for his second term, but District 30 on the Lower Kenai Peninsula cast 3,497 votes for Mitt Romney, well over the Barack Obama vote of 2,318. This followed the statewide trend of favoring the Massachusetts governor over the incumbent president where Romney took 54.51 percent of the vote to Obama’s 41.11 percent.
Democrat Sharon Cissna took a high percentage of the ballots against Rep. Don Young with 1,915 votes to Young’s 3,563, but lost in a respectable showing. Young now enters his 21st term in the U.S. House where he has served since 1973.
Rep. Paul Seaton heads to the Alaska House as well, for his fifth term. He won 4,199 votes. Democrat and first-time candidate Liz Diament overcame an uphill battle as an unknown, but made a good run, winning 1,651votes.
Republican Peter Micciche, running uncontested in the General Election, claimed 4,475 votes. The ConocoPhilips executive heads to Juneau to represent Senate District O after having beat out long-time Sen. Tom Wagoner.
On the Bonding Proposition A Measure, for funding parks and roads, a majority were in favor at 3,103 yes votes to the 2,469 no votes.
On Ballot Measure 1, a question of whether to convene a new Alaska Constitutional Convention, the answer was a resounding ‘no’ at 3,956 votes. Less than half were in favor, at 1,528 votes.
In District 30, the only judge to lose the vote for reappointment was Superior Court Judge Tan, who was targeted by conservatives after his ruling on parental rights. He lost with 2,904 ‘no’ votes to the 2,198 who favored him. District Judge Margaret Murphy retains her bench with 2,921 votes to the 1,916 no votes cast.

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4 Responses for “Romney wins the Kenai, Ballot Measure 1 on constitutional convention fails”

  1. bigdog says:

    sad night for those of us that believe working for a living is first resort. Great night for all of you who think that you are entitled to everything just because you live here.

  2. Frank S says:

    Agreed. When this country revolts like Greece, maybe the lazy will finally get their welfare and food stamps cut. This country is an embarrassment to our children.

  3. Skippy Baker says:

    Unless I am reading the results incorrectly, Judge Sen Tan DID retain his seat. He won with 53.6% of the vote or 68163 votes.

    • Tribune Moderator says:

      Editor’s note: The voting results in this story are from District 30 only. But thank you for pointing this out so we can clarify that statewide, Judge Tan retains his seat.

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