Letters – Nov. 7

Buccaneer isn’t the enemy

Buccaneer is not well-liked by some community members. I sensed at the recent Bidarka Inn public information meeting a definite hostility, a visceral hatred even, that rolled like successive crashing waves threatening to engulf and sweep away the hapless Mr. Landt, Buccaneer’s spokesman, had he not, figuratively, been lashed to his lectern.
That attitude disturbs me. Buccaneer isn’t the enemy. It’s not a fearsome pirate ship that could suddenly appear out of the morning fog to wantonly lay waste to this quaint little hamlet-by-the-sea. Lawless pirate activity has long since been harnessed by society and regulatory bodies.
But the spirit remains. Buccaneer’s quest for gold – profit – has, paradoxically, been emblematic of a driving force in civilization’s advance; that spirit of “endeavor,” that ancient human compulsion to explore, use and transform the earth’s bounty in order to promote and advance human life, has been absolutely crucial to mankind’s existence.
Minerals, oil and gas extracted from the ground compose the clothes you wear, the fertilizer that grows your food, the heat to keep you warm on cold winter nights and the gas to drive your car into town to attend public meetings. If the world’s Buccaneers suddenly ceased functioning, most of humanity would perish.
Buccaneer is, in fact, your brother – the spirited, energetic, occasionally reckless one – the one whose dynamism provides the energy to make physical life tolerable and hospitable.
I think that your job, as stewards of Kachemak Bay, is to contain and direct his dynamism, not suppress it.
Larry Slone

Heli-skiing not in our best interest

In Homer, we are blessed with an unusual share of beauty and tranquility, qualities that are rapidly fading from much of the world. While money is important to our community, it is not the reason most of us choose to live here.
There is increasing pressure to sell our “natural resources,” without consideration of the real cost. It is an illusion to believe that the intrinsic value of wilderness can be quantified. While mountains can be converted to cash, the equation is not reversible. If we do not wisely restrain “development” of remote areas, there may soon be no such places.
The Department of Natural Resources has received multiple applications to operate commercial helicopter skiing operations in Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park. This would probably lead to summer activities as well. The noise of helicopters could soon be a year-round part of our lives, as well as the experience of those visiting or living across the Bay. Is this really in our community’s best interests?
According to 11 AAC 18.025 c, for permits to be issued, the following conditions must be met:
• Park facilities and natural and cultural resources will not be adversely affected;
• The state park is protected from pollution;
• Public use values of the state park will be maintained and protected;
• The public safety, health and welfare will not be adversely affected.
In our opinion, this proposal is at variance with the first three of these qualifications. The noise and pollution of air quality created by helicopters, and the intrusion they represent, substantially degrades the character of the wilderness experience, as well the serenity of local communities.
Homer has a tradition of choosing thoughtful practices that add quality to our lives and value to our planet. This proposal would lead to a substantial decrease in life quality for residents and for visitors coming to experience natural beauty of our unique environment.
Make your opinion on the issue known. Comments must received by the Project Coordinator, Pamela Russell, by Monday, Nov. 19. at pamela.russell@alaska.gov or by calling (907) 714-2471.
Jean Aspen and Tom Irons


My sometimes ski buddy at the Homer rope tow, Chuck Lindsay, voiced his disapproval last week over the new Kenai Heli-ski operation based in Seldovia. He voiced concerns that its use is not in line with the spirit of wilderness areas.
I can see his point, and appreciate his views. However, I believe helicopter skiing will have a minimal impact on the wilderness value of the park.
For years and years, day in and day out, loud planes have made almost hourly flights low over the park delivering goods to communities across the Kachemak Bay. Ski tracks can already be seen on many of the peaks across the Bay (how many of us noticed those?).
The skier traffic over the short two month heli-skiing season will pale in comparison to foot and boat traffic during the spring and summer months. Best of all, the ski tracks and landing zones will all melt away in the spring, leaving minimal, if any, trace.
There are very few people using the park in the winter, and there are plenty of peaks to accommodate skiers like Chuck and me. We enjoy earning our turns the hard way, but some skiers shell out $8,000-plus to zip up in a whirlybird.
Kenai Heli Ski presents a great economic opportunity for Seldovia during the slow winter months. In fact, several established, local Seldovia businesses were just favorably mentioned this month in “Powder” magazine in conjunction with this operation, and local businesses have been contracted to provide meals and lodging.
As an avid local skier and lover of the outdoors and wilderness, I am willing to share my powder with those out-of-towners who are willing to spend big money to play in my backyard. This is not an oil company or big industry, this is a business run by outdoors people for outdoors people who share a passion similar to mine. I extend my full support.
Matt Neisinger

Basket program needs donations

We are again appealing to our community for help with the Thanksgiving Basket program. Donations are not coming in yet, but the requests for help are. 
If you can donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. We understand times are tough, but even small amounts would help if everyone could send something. Please consider a small donation today. Checks may be sent to the Kachemak Bay Lions at P.O. Box 1824, Homer, AK 99603. Basket packing day is early this year, Nov. 17, so we don’t have a lot of extra days. If you want to help pack, please be at the Methodist Church at 9 a.m. on that day.
Applications are at First National Bank, as well as the Food Bank. We appreciate all that you do for our community. Thank you.
Fran Van Sandt and Amy Schumaker,
co-chairmen Thanksgiving Basket Program
Kachemak Bay Lions

Burning bright

For the Carnigie Hall Link In Concert, our school worked so hard from the start to the finish. I felt like a bee buzzing from flower to flower. After months and months, weeks and weeks, days and days, it was time to shine, time to sparkle, time to be a star. As we walked on stage I felt like the spotlight was on me. The first thing I saw was my Dad in his red shirt. Next to him was my Mom snapping photos. I was a shining star to me and everyone else.
Kira Milne,
McNeil Canyon Elementary School third grader

Experience the ‘Flow State’

On Nov. 8, the latest Warren Miller film will play at the Homer Theatre. Their 63rd feature film, Flow State, “brings audiences to a place only recently identified by scientists; a place they now understand skiers and snowboarders achieve where, the faster they go physically, the slower things appear to them mentally.
If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, it’s probably not the first time you’ve been near the Flow State. It exists anywhere crisp winter air shocks your lungs and sunlight refracts off snowflakes.”
While Warren Miller doesn’t go on to mention our very own Ohlson Mountain Rope Tow, this is where it all begins. So when the snow starts to fly, and you and your kids start to get a bit of cabin fever, come join us on the mountain. In the interim, come see Flow State, and support Kachemak Ski Club.
Remember, “… the most remarkable thing that scientists have discovered about the Flow State is that people emerge from it improved; they’re happier, more confident, more aware of their surroundings.” Not to mention having a whole heck of a lot of fun.
Nell Gustafson

Without due process

Did you know that the executive branch may conduct unwarranted search and seizure, disappear to undisclosed indefinite detention, torture or rendition on American citizens anywhere in the world, including America, without due process, trial or jury, on mere whim of, or unproven allegation, under the guise of terrorism?
You may be a Christian, Muslim, or a Mormon preparing for economic or natural disasters, activist/protester and labeled a terrorist? What if you were a journalist unwilling to reveal the source of a whistle blower’s information?
Does a public not have a right to be fully informed, so it can justly advocate? Without an investigative journalist’s protection from threat of being “disappeared” looming over his or her head, and freedom to share info, an uninformed citizen’s opinion or votes may be used to further rob our freedoms.
Obama’s administrative regime wrote and insisted on this section of the NDAA, pretending at the same time they were against it. Obama pretended he would refuse to sign it (then did), and when challenged as unconstitutional with the judicial branch, his administration fought it there. Then Obama promises “I’ll never use it,” but what about future presidents?
I sound like I am picking on Obama, but Mitt Romney would have done the same. Perhaps refusing to donate to, and fund the record sized ‘war chests’ of either of the two corporate controlled globalist NWO candidates would help. And why did Alaska discontinue exit polling? Again informed public is crucial. 
This is so reminiscent of dark ages when, on the mere unproven accusation, under Catholic (or other regimes in history) a person is labeled a heretic or dissenter to the state and tortured disappeared or burned at the stake without trial. 
“Re-education camps” are well documented and exposed, and are already installed or being instigated for those unhappy with various aspects of the system. I bring this to you on the theory that all that it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to say or do nothing or be willfully uninformed and that silence implies consent. 
Richard Olson

Ban GMOs from schools, nursing homes

Mary Miner wrote a letter advocating banning Genetically Modified Organisms foods from Homer’s school lunches, and I agree.  
GMO means genetically modified organisms, combinations of plant-animal-virus corporately designed to survive herbicides. 
Since 2008, all rice, wheat, corn, soy and canola products raised in the USA are genetically modified, unless marked non-GMO. Since all animal feeds (except organic feeds) are GMO, all American animal protein–pork, beef, chicken, eggs, and dairy–are GMO.
I eat local, natural foods because processed foods make me ill. To determine what effect GMOs would have on my admittedly sensitive system (similar to a child’s), I experimentally ate GMO’s for a month. 
By week four, I couldn’t lift my arms above my head. My arm muscles had turned to mush.  Ligaments and tendons lost elasticity. My arms hurt so badly, I could not play the violin. I felt nauseated and put on fat. Then heart pains started. Frightened, I returned to my natural diet. Within a week, normal arm motion returned and heart pains ceased.
Research now shows GMOs cause indigestion, torn ligaments, muscles and tendons, perforated intestines, obesity and death. GMO canola oil is particularly destructive.
What isn’t GMO? What can we eat?  Vegetables. Potatoes. Wild-caught seafood. Sunflower and olive oil. Nuts. Fruits. Non-GMO corn, soy, wheat, rice and corn. Tillamook cheese and butter (Tillamook cows eat grass). Flax, spelt, oats and barley.
Yes, by all means rid our schools of deadly GMOs.  And while we’re at it, let’s examine the foods in our homes, senior centers and restaurants.
Lindianne Sarno

Vote early and anti-fascist

If the race is close, it might be decided by the hardcore fascist majority U.S. Supreme Court that decided “Bush v. Gore” and “Citizens United v. FEC.”
For more than 30 years, the Bush-Reagan hardcore fascist, criminal vermin politicians, bureaucrats and military flag officers have joined forces with fascist criminal judges and justices, along with fascist criminal prostitute psychiatrists and psychologists to perpetuate a fascist criminal, secret police state plutocracy.
Through the use of Bush-Reagan hardcore fascist, secret police terrorist criminal, surveillance-harassment teams they have inflicted economic, psychological and physical torture, terrorism and treachery on me; and presumably other anti-fascist political prisoners.
So vote anti-fascist. The life you save from torture and terrorism might be your own. If not, at least the fascists won’t be able to say they had a democratic majority behind them to commit their crimes.
Frank Vondersaar

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