For the Record – Nov. 28

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.
Riley R. Christensen, 18, Failure to stop at the direction of a Peace Officer.

Don James Holten, 45, criminal trespass in the first degree.
Andres Andy Jauregui, 35, driving while drivers license cancelled, suspended, revoked.
Elaine D. Large, 44, criminal mischief in the fourth degree.

Malcolm J. Ross, 50, taking sub-legal moose.
Jason R. Keller, 33, driving in violation of limitation.
Alida G. Dunning, 47, reckless driving (Amended from As.28.35.030.)
Pamela Marie Newcomb, 54, misconduct involving a controlled substance.
Albert E. Wilson, 56, driving while license revoked.
Rocky Berg, 22, no valid operators license.
Lee Andrew Woodruff, 31, driving under the influence.
Kayla Hanley, 18, theft in the third degree.
Kenneth A. Hopkins, 37, reckless endangerment.
Jason Richardson Gates, 42, failure to appear.
Darren S. Husz, 29, misconduct involving a controlled substance.
Scott Turner, 45, taking sub-legal moose.
Amber Coila, 22, Criminal Mischief in the Forth Degree.

FIA Card Services National Association vs. John F. Christman, Debt – District Court.
Creekside Investments, LLC vs. Stephen A. Wydra. District Court – FED.
Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Jamie D. Gran. Debt – District Court.
Paul J. Pellegrini vs. Ana Victoria Alvarez Pellegrini. Dissolution with Children – Superior Court.
Lori Ann Lockyer vs. Christopher Lance Lockyer. Divorce with Children – Superior Court.

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