For the Record – Nov. 21

The following records are cases and records filed in court. Individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and copies of the records are publicly available.

Lazaro Castro Jr., 21, Diving under the influence.
Richard Feruson, 52, Driving under the influence.
Lee Andrew Woodruff, 31, Driving under the influence.
Jacob Evan Cook, 36, Driving under the influence.
Cody John Mashburn, 25, Assult in the fourth degree, and Disorderly conduct.
Latisha Denies Johnson, 31, Assult in the 4th degree.
Guy Watkins, 47, Driving while drivers license was cancelled, suspended or revoked.
Aholagena Komakhuk Tukshaq, 29, Criminal trespass in the first degree.
Taylor Cain Carter-Barling, 19, Criminal mischief in the fourth degree.
Richard W. Gibson III, 26, Theft for under $50.00

Shawn Adam Pontious, 41, Burglary in the first degree.
Sally Bush Defrancisco, 65, Burglary in the first degree, and Theft in the third degree.
Tina Louise Allen, 48, Burglary in the first degree, Tampering with physical evidence, and Theft in the third degree.
Timothy K. Igou, 26, Assault in the third degree.
Terry Denise Mccloud, 44, Theft in the first degree.
Mary K. Fitzgerald, 53, Misconduct involving a crontrolled substance in the forth degree.

Stephen Bernhardt, 51, Driving under the influence, Guilty.
Lea W. Brooks, 41, Driving under the influence, Guilty.
Mark S. Millspangh, 52, No motor vehicle insurance, and Failure to appear, Guilty.
Guy Allen Watkins, 47, Driving while license revoked, Guilty.
Lazaro Castro Jr., 21, Driving under the influence, Guilty.

Jardo Vorasicky, 66, Reckless driving.

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