Divas dominate Soldotna 5-2 in women’s hockey action

• Dark Defensemen remain undefeated in Homer coed play
By Sean Pearson
Homer Tribune

Photo by Ingrid Harrald - Homer Diva Hannah Johnson looks to put the puck past Soldotna goalie Karen Martinelli on Saturday.

Photo by Ingrid Harrald - Homer Diva Hannah Johnson looks to put the puck past Soldotna goalie Karen Martinelli on Saturday.

With the high school team up the road for a tournament, Homer’s Adult Hockey League took advantage of the empty ice, and kept the action going strong at Kevin Bell Arena all weekend.
The Divas, Homer’s women’s hockey team, had its first game of the season against a strong Soldotna team on Saturday night. Despite their effective line changes, however, Soldotna was unable to get by Homer’s strong defense to score.
Diva Ingrid Harrald said the first period was rough for both teams, as they battled for control of the puck, but neither team was able to score. About 10 minutes into the game, Ori Badajos broke the silence with a shot right through the five-hole.
“Goalie Karen Martinelli from Soldotna had stopped quite a few pucks, but this one was just out of her reach,” Harrald said. “Soldotna came back with some powerful shots on goal, but Diva goalie Lydia Brown stopped each and every one of them.”
Homer scored again at the very end of the first period with a shot by Jessie Cashman from the blue line.
In second-period action, Soldotna made some effective line changes, and took advantage of the new energy to score on Homer in the first few minutes of the period. With the score 2-1 Homer, Divas Kristen Brown and Kate Crowley turned up the heat and picked up two more goals in the second period.
Soldotna made one final push with a late goal in the second period to bring the score to 4-2 Homer, but that would be the end of their scoring. Teams held steady in the third period, with Badajos pushing to pick up one more goal for the 5-2 Homer win.
Coed Hockey still simmering
Coed hockey was also in full swing on Saturday with two back-to back games at the rink. In game one, the undefeated Dark Defensemen showed no mercy for Orange Crush-Em, finding the back of the net just minutes into the game.
“Steve Nevak got the puck on the breakaway and goalie Josh Pitta had no time to stop the shot,” Harrald explained. “Teammate Charlie Stewart followed with a wrist shot from the side that caught Pitta off-guard.”
With the Defensemen sporting a two-goal lead at the end of the first period, things were starting to look awfully grim on the Orange bench.
The second period brought new hope for Crush ‘Em, as Chris Owen found the twine and pushed the puck past goalie Lydia Brown. The goal finally put Orange Crush on the board — but their hope wouldn’t last long.
The Defensemen came back with a vengeance, picking up back-to-back “couples” goals from Matt and Andrea Stineff to put the Defense up 4-1 going into the third and final period.
“Emily Hutchison was on fire and decided to just take things into her own hands,” Harrald explained. She scored another goal for Orange Crush, leaving the score at 4-2 as the clock ran out. Travis Brown’s top-shelf goal late in the game gave the Defensemen the 5-2 win and maintained their undefeated streak.
In game two, a shorthanded Green Goons team tangled with the Tighty Whities. Missing some of their best players, the Goons knew they had a tough game ahead of them. That was made perfectly clear to them in the first period, when Nora Rojek hit a beautiful shot into the back corner of the net.
The Tighties had barely finished celebrating, when Kristen Brown added another point for the team with a wrist shot from mid ice. That left the score at 2-0 with short time left in the first period. Jose DeCreft took advantage of that time to put the Green Goons on the board with a breakaway shot, ending the first period down 1-2.
The Goons got off to a favorable start in the second period, as Ingrid Harrald scored her first goal of the season to tie the game at two.
It didn’t last long.
Dean Kildaw took the puck in for a top-shelf goal for the Tighty Whities, followed by a backhand shot from Russ Walker that whizzed over goalie Josh Pitta’s shoulder into the net.
Thanks to consistent play from goalies Lydia Brown and Josh Pitta, the third and final period remained relatively uneventful, and the Tighty Whities came away with the 4-2 win.

Team Standings: – – Wins – – Losses – – Ties
Dark Defensemen 2 0 1
Tighty Whities 1 1 1
Green Goons 0 1 2
Orange Crush-em 0 1 2
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