Creating a new home for Midtown Cafe

By Rob Way

I wanted to take a few minutes to announce that Midtown Café has moved. 
We’ve left the Refuge Chapel building and relocated to the basement of the Kachemak Wholesale building off Heath Street, beneath Blackberry Bog. This is an ideal location, as it’s directly across the street from Homer High School. 
There has been much discussion the last couple of months about the issues high school students face. There has been name-calling and blame thrown around, but the simple fact is, as much as Homer has suffered because of these recent tragedies, it’s the kids who are the real victims. They deal with it head-on, day after day. 
Midtown Café is dedicated to providing a place for Homer’s youth to land. We want it to be a safe place where they will be mentored, yes, but also a place where they will be treated with respect and dignity, not judged for their beliefs or decisions. 
We desire to provide a sounding board for their issues and concerns, and are committed to speaking the truth to them, in love, while helping them to make better decisions and, by extension, have a brighter future.
Midtown has always offered a wide range of activities including pool, computers with high-speed Internet, Wii and Xbox360 on two big-screen TVs.
We also offer inexpensive snacks, drinks and espresso. In our new location, we have added an air hockey table, an arcade-style video game and an increased number of computers. 
There is lots to do at Midtown, and that’s a good thing, because Homer’s youth need a place they can call their own.
If you would like to support our outreach efforts, the fastest way is to make an online donation via 
Go to “donate” and select our name from the list. The system can process both United States and international cards. You can also set up automatic monthly gifts with your credit card if you choose the “monthly” option. 
Or, simply mail your gift to World Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate for Rob and Angela Way, No. 105.

Rob Way is the director of Midtown Cafe. He and his wife Angela are missionaries through

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  1. just wondering says:

    Is this local? Mail a check to a Ministry in Georgia? I’m not sure that this cafe can make the difference for youth in our community as it has already been in existence, ie not something new- hasn’t worked yet. I don’t want to be rude, and I love Jesus too…but reading through the website there appears to be the objective of getting kids ‘into the program’ (whatever that is) and it is through some ministry in Georgia?? I think teenagers can sense that you have an ulterior motive. They need somewhere to just have fun and be themselves, not be preyed upon.

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